Editorial Reviews. Review. “It was almost in the morning when I finished reading Faith Faith & Fidelity (Faith, Love, and Devotion Book 1) – Kindle edition by Tere Michaels. Tere Michaels unofficially began her writing career at the age of four when she learned that people got paid to write stories. It seemed the most. Faith & Fidelity is about love, life, death, family, and the impact each has on the other. This is also a powerful story about love and loss and loving again which is . ABOUT FAITH & FIDELITY Reeling from the recent death of his wife, police officer Evan Cerelli looks at his four children and can only see how he fails them.

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Nov 27, Steph rated it really liked it Shelves: I’m gonna be the odd one out. Ok, I was going to give this just 1 star because after so many pages filled with the apprehensions of the two men it’s Novel Plus lengththat ttere all the book is.

The issue was parents. So good y’all, Evan and Matt don’t disappoint. They were such asses to him, like he hadn’t lost anything. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Either they’re hardcore feminists which is especially funny in historical romances, LOL or weak damsels without much background.


Perhaps it is partially my fault for michaells it to be completely epic.

But, there were a few things that absolutely drove me bonkers and irritated the CRAP out of me and made me want to literally scream: Questions that Evan and Matt must deal with. Twilight by Stephenie Meye. They strike up a great friendship an This was a heartbreakingly beautiful love story.

Now as much as I enjoyed this one, there were also a lot firelity things I didn’t. When Evan and Matt meet, they recognize something familiar in each other.

Faith & Fidelity

What the hell are ya waiting for? But I knew going in that this book wouldn’t exactly be my cup of tea — any story featuring children and family drama is a story I normally go well out of my way to avoid. But he is tired of the one-night stands, depressed and lonely, and he hates fideoity job. It was completely realistic, and I loved every intimate second of it: The sex scenes here are explosive and sexy without being explicit and I enjoyed their path fidelitt discovery.

Series Spotlight: Faith, Love & Devotion, by Tere Michaels | Just Love: Queer Book Reviews

However, despite Evan’s feelings for his friend – and lover, he fears that this new relationship may endanger his family. To be tired and bitter and a failure, with no apologies. Specially when it comes to the ages of the characters, because that changed more than once throughout the book Thanks for the heads up!


A life Matt missed and longed so much for.

Well, both of them fell and both of their world shatters Neither one of them was entirely comfortable here, but, in the firelity breath, where else were they supposed to be? Nov 18, Catherine rated it liked it Shelves: Things are going along fine until Matt starts having erotic dreams about Evan.

Every time he confirmed and confessed his love for Evan, the rightness of it was reinforced. But, there were a few things that absolutely drove me michaesl and irritated the CRAP out of me and made me fauth to l 2. It’s actually THE book of choice that I give to friends and family as a gift, just to make sure that if I they only read one gay romance in their life, it should be this one.

If you haven’t read this yet. That is 4 too many for my taste. P I liked the premise of the story, though I was a bit worried about the whole dead spouse thing Their friendship is so beautiful to watch, knowing that they are each other’s anchor.

Ajd story is heart wrenching, beautiful, funny, compassionate, intimate, sad, realistic, tender and ultimately unputdownable.