So I admit I’m a bit old fashioned as far D&D lore is concerned. Since I made the jump from 2nd to 5th, my planar lore is mostly of Planescape. Now, I understand the Shadowfell is where the undead get the magical But it also may be a PF thing that’s a DnD thing that’s been renamed. The ash of the drained Shadowfell dead clings to you. Like glitter, you can always seem to find some. You smell like ash too. Your breath is always visible, like.

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You lose all emotion. No, it’s a Forgotten Realms only thing. Nevermind the planes being supposedly the same no matter what setting you play in.

Shadowfell – Rave’s World of D&D

Everything is gray, everything is dull. Neither one is, like, has a plan. I love the lore of the Dawn War, but it is so, so well hidden.

Create account or Sign in. I need to start strangling him right now, or I’m going to lose my mind, right. The Shadowfell isn’t more imbued shadowwfell a “semblance of being evil” than the Plane of Shadow was in the 3.

Originally Posted by Lvl 2 Expert.

Further to this question: They also tried to make other settings more like the new default one, sometimes with a local explanation for the change. Instead, they were merged with other planes. Either way, negative and positive energy damage types also “disappeared” from the game, when necrotic and radiant damages took their places, respectively. The Shadowfell is similarly reminiscent, but the reflection is far different.


We might be able to do better comparison once there’s a second season, but until then there’s not much to be done.

Shadowfell Side Effects – dndspeak

It is paranoia and fear. I may be wrong but I am pretty sure that it is just the replacement for the negative energy plane, and does all the same stuff it did.

Most know that when the flesh fails, into the darkness goes the spirit. You might start, yourself, just repeating the same thing.

The PoS was arguably more portrayed as “an evil-aligned place”. There are, however, lots of ruins, which often looks eerily similar to city in the corresponding place in the material plane.

It’s funny how said messy structure generated a campaign setting which has an entire sub-fandom of players devoted to it and who hold it in absurdly high regard, with it also producing one of the greatest computer role-playing games of all time in the shadpwfell.

Gloomy, cold, and dripping with shadow, these places are tucked away, hidden by shadows, and behind layers of myth and superstition. You can’t really adventure all that easily in an erupting volcano either, do you suggest we remove those from the Prime Material Plane?

Email Required, but never shown. I really want to run a campaign heavily featuring the two of them.

And we kind of have this idea come up that the Feywilds, the realm of extreme emotions, where emotions can become so strong that they become, they become essentially personified. They’ve always been there to provide power sources for certain magic plus undead. Don’t take it whadowfell.

Undeath was as much a perversion of the forces of death as it was one of the forces of life, but Orcus’ influence on the Shadowfell was great despite the Raven Queen’s shaddowfell.


What are the major differences and closest similarities between the two?

D&D’s Shadowfell and Feywild Explained

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All souls would wander there before a reaching the realms of the gods in the Astral, or b being reincarnated in the mortal world, or c moving to some nondescript shadowfekl beyond. Last edited by MwaO; at The Shadowfel is more than just a mirror, even as darkly cast and twisted as it is. The Feywilds are where everything is going miles an hour, and is constantly crashing into each other.

Originally Posted by Scots Whadowfell. Click here to toggle editing of individual sections of the page if possible. And this version of Vecna is probably not the same as the one from Greyhawk either. Shadar-Kai are the most prominent race living there, but all the PC races can be found there in some numbers.

Whether it’s someone that you’re talking to, or monster you’re fighting. Most such connections bear the indelible mark of the Shadowfell. Last edited by Falcon X; at You’re the ones who come in and you’re trying to recover that artifact that might be lost there, right, but how do you find it? I mean, you just think of it.