Dario Fo’s Accidental Death of an Anarchist () responds to events unfolding in Italy in the late s and early s. Generally, it looks at police corruption. We tend to associate political theatre with the glum and the strident. But Dario Fo’ s Accidental Death of an Anarchist, which Belt and Braces are. Writers: Dario Fo (play), Gavin Richards (adaptation) Gavin Richards in The Accidental Death of an Anarchist () Add Image · See all 2 photos». Edit.

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Works so deeply theatrical by nature as are Fo’s only reach ripeness when they are “interpreted,” or “translated” into production by other hands.

Accidental Death of an Anarchist – Wikipedia

The comic slapstick and bawdiness of Accidental Death of an Anarchist do not obscure its serious intentions. Running throughout Fo’s career are certain constants.

Leonardo Sciascia wrote three plays and claimed he would have continued writing plays had he not “clashed with the figure of the director. The Maniac decides to impersonate the judge, Marco Malipiero, an opportunity he’s been waiting awhile for, and to humiliate the policemen responsible for the “accidental” death. Of the ten members of the group, four were infiltrators, as the Journalist points out:.

Bertozzo partially recognises the Maniac, as he knows Captain Piccini, but is dissuaded by Pissani and the Superintendent. Fo sees the comics of the commedia as having become part of the establishment.

Webarchive template wayback links Use dmy dates from December Articles needing additional references from August All articles needing additional references. Bertozzo, holding the policemen at gunpoint, orders Feletti to anwrchist the three policemen; getting the Maniac to show them his medical records, exposing him as a anarchust. One very well-known trickster series in the American literary canon uses animals as characters ddario do so many trickster traditions.

Interestingly, Fo encourages translators of his works to use local slang in place of his own, so that all audiences of his plays will have a worthwhile experience.

There may be, for instance, parallels between various cults in the society described by Petronius in his Satyricon and the ” New Age ” beliefs held by certain sections of society as the Millennium approaches, but any writer who published a modern Satyricon updated to focus on such sects in New York or London would not be considered, and would not consider himself, to be producing a translation, any more than did James Joyce when he wrote Ulysses. The system is quite reasonable, Fo suggests, if your standard is a madman’s logic.

Neither does he show great sympathy for the accidenatl, whom he views as inept. A peasant who has found a mountain and cultivated its land is robbed of all his efforts’ rewards by a landowner, who also rapes his wife in front of him and his children. Bertozzo, to the dismay of the Superintendent, agrees.


Three days later, an anarchist militant named Giuseppe Pinelli fell to his death from an upper story of the Milan police headquarters.

Dario Fo’s Accidental Death of an Anarchist – a heady blend of vaudeville and politics

Calabresi also frequently rubbed his right hand during the trial, an action that many people believe indicated that this hand delivered the brutal blow to the back of Pinelli’s neck.

Ultimately, through a pretended slip of the tongue, Fo confuses Bonifacio and John Paul Accidentallthen returns to the person of Bonifacio, who, despite the dressing down he has received from Jesus himself, continues his blasphemies. For any other requests or concerns, please contact your Account Manager. Some of the most commonly employed of such methods are associated with major theorists of political theater, the German playwright Bertolt Brecht foremost among them.

Above all, Fo wants to write plays that will appeal to the very people he believes can most benefit from his work—the nonelite.

He has written hundreds of pieces across genres songs, screenplays, plays and media acciidental, radio, film.

Although Fo sympathizes with the lives of poor people, he does not present them idealistically.

Share this Rating Title: Personal relations scarcely ever feature in Anarchiwt work. The play, it is true, does draw somewhat on the tactics of medieval revelry, in that the main protagonist is a fool or “maniac” who is so naive that he doubts the acidental story, and so rash and stupid that he says so out loud.

But now, to be able to create, Fo needed not only the right audience but the right text as well. In the first of the vignettes of Mistero buffo Fo tries to do just that.

Accidental Death of an Anarchist |

He acknowledges having received his training in a number of mental institutions. Superintendent Calabresi, in his turn, was a member of the Italian “pare-state,” linked to putschist elements in the army and the intelligence services and also to open and covert supporters of Italy’s fascist movement.

He begins to practice characterizations of a judge. Different groups believe they have the answer to the nation’s ills or a way to deal with the crisis and threat, and each group attempts to wrest control from those in power.

Obviously we see the play at one remove in that the Pinelli case is something we have to bone up on with the help of an informative programme.

Harris compiled these stories from those of African American storytellers, building on original African traditions. Feletti attempts to stop the Maniac, citing the Maniac as an “extremist” and “fanatic”. The need to find such a synthesis of the laughter and the anger in the target language will often require a transcending of the limits normally allowed to translation.


His return to the Middle Ages is also an attempt to recover the vital sources of theater in a precapitalistic society before the mass media turned culture into merchandise in the hands of the rich and powerful to control the working class lelo. The policemen want to send her away, but the Maniac encourages them to allow her to ask questions. The audience must be active and involved.

He asserts that the poem might have been sung as a ballad in public squares. The self-interest of the sole and uncorroborated witness is self-evident. This makes them very nervous.

Rather, scandal allows people to let off steam, with the result that the powers that be are in a stronger position than anarchits. He was furious, and it was then that he uttered his famous phrase: Was the ambulance summoned because he had been given a ah blow? He tells the Maniac to get out of the station and is surprised when the Maniac informs him that someone is looking for him to punch him in the face.

Critics believe the poem was written by an aristocratic author who used refined language to turn the trivial theme of physical love into elevated poetry. He has eario policemen involved tied up in knots by his actions.

Alone, with nothing to live for, he decides to hang himself, but a passerby, who turns out to be Christ, asks him for water. Secondly, we have the adaptation or ‘selection’ of styles from past traditions of commedia for modern uses: They do not want to abuse their power to influence and mold thoughts, as some politicians acciddntal political parties do.

Accidental Death of an Anarchist

And they’re right not to. Translation of Fo requires audience-centred techniques, which do not necessarily coincide with the author-centred translation he himself prefers…. By turning the piece into a theatrical text, Fo stresses the brutal sexual oppression the tax collector imposes upon the woman, a servant girl, when he says he may even be willing to pay the “difensa” of “dumili’ agostari” or 2, gold coins “Rosa fresca,” 91 —an allusion to what noblemen used to pay the families of raped girls in order to avoid prosecution.