Jeremy Bentham, Anarchical Fallacies (). The Declaration of Rights — I mean the paper published under that name by the French National. Anarchical Fallacies; being an examination of the. Declaration of Rights issued during the French Revolution by Jeremy Bentham. Preliminary Observations. For those interested in human rights, the year deserves to be remembered for at least two convergent reasons. Two hundred and fifty years ago, in

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Jeremy Bentham, Anarchical Fallacies (1796), excerpt

Correspondent to probation—the operation—the fictitious, is probator, the really existing entity. The order in which they are contemplated; 2. Set up a giveaway. As of the plan here proposed, with its supposed features of aptitude, so of the system at present in force, with its supposed features of inaptitude. A rule—is it proposed anywhere, as promising to occupy a useful place in the code of procedure?

This draughtsman, is he not a minister of justice likewise? On each individual occasion, as a security for the maximization of the aggregate of good, and the minimization of the aggregate of evil, he will settle in his own mind, and make public declaration of, the reasons by the consideration of which his conduct has been determined; which reasons will consist in the allegation of so many items in the account of evil, on both sides: Among the cares of the judge, will in like manner be the minimization of the number of persons, of whatever description, operated upon by the exercise of his power; as also, in the instance of each such person, the number and vexatiousness of the operations imposed upon them respectively.

Giving to each immediate judge, once in possession of a suit, the faculty of operating for the purpose of it, in the territory of any and every other immediate judge; instead of an address from the judge of the originating judicatory, to the judge of the territory in which such several operations have to be performed; for though, for various purposes, notice of what is done may be requisite for the information of the judge in whose territory the operation is to be performed; so is it also, at the same time, for every needful purpose, sufficient.

The confidence in the system remains in a manner entire—as entire as if its title to that confidence were ever so real and indisputable. But though this may with truth be given as the main and primary end of the course of procedure, it cannot however be given as the sole end; because in the pursuit of that same end, a variety of inconveniences are apt to occur, and indeed in a certain degree cannot several of them but occur—in every instance: So many of these omissions Edition: Deperition, or ultimate non-forthcomingness, of the means of proof, or say, sources of evidence.

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For minimizing evil, the main caution is, in no case, on no occasion, to lay down inflexible rules in particular, inflexible rules as to quantity —rules of which on any occasion the effect may be to prevent the minimization of evil in the individual case calling for decision at the hands of the judge. In the non-penal branch.

Write a customer review. At the same time, while without, and to an even universally-indefinite extent against any such intention, this mass of hardship is in this shape productive of good effects; in another shape it is to an unmeasurable extent productive of evil effects.

The arrangements in this proposed Procedure Code bear reference to falllacies correspondent judiciary establishment, without which, execution and effect could not be given to them. By execution, understand as well reciprocal, as direct: The inconveniences appertaining to precipitation are no other than the disaccomplishment or frustration of one or other of the two ultimate ends of procedure; in other words, they can scarcely consist of anything else but either the non-conviction of some one who is guilty, or the conviction of, and consequent punishment of, some one who is not guilty.

Co-ordinates are those of the same grade; super-ordinates, those of a superior grade: In the case of each such actor, distinguishable in respect of the occasions as they occur in the course of the judicial drama,—will be the instruments which may come benhtam be uttered by them as above.

But suppose his style and title had been Mr. Innumerable are those instances: The order in which they are performed.

If, then, in consequence of such supposed precipitation, the judgment actually given by the judge is repugnant to one or other of the ultimate ends of justice, in this case the mischief correspondent to such ultimate end is actually produced. Peel will do nothing without the advice and consent of Lord Tenterden, whose wisdom, magnanimity, disinterestedness, and public spirit, he can never sufficiently admire.

The only case in which any difficulty can present itself, is that in which, the actual residence of the party applying to be admitted pursuer being in the territory of that same judicatory, the actual residence of other parties, co-pursuers or defendants, is in the territory of a different judicatory—the actual residence of each one of them, being at the same time capable of being different from the habitual residence: The other is a case which, though not absolutely without example, is happily, there is reason to think, very seldom realized.

Jeremy Bentham, Anarchical Fallacies (), excerpt

Saving the sparingly exercised right of the judge to put questions, to no party on either side is any question put by any sort of person but an advocate: If the one course here chalked out be the straight one, all those others will be recognized to be composed of aberrations, exhibiting variety of absurdity, and to the unhappy people productive of variety of wretchedness.


No otherwise than through the medium of such information as comes in his way, or is obtainable by him, can he ever act, or forbear to act. For settling the terms of a code having for its object the prevention of smuggling in all its branches,—sole proper referees, a committee, or bench of twelve smugglers.

Every person being compellable to appear at any time, and thus at all times, at the instance of any person or any number of persons appearing in the character of plaintiffs—and no person prevented from appearing in that character, or punishable for the vexation produced as above—the whole life of any person, or of persons in an indefinite number, might be completely occupied by calls to this effect: In the instrument called language, or say discourse, at any rate in all the generally known modifications of it, note on this occasion an imperfection, the inconvenient effects of which will be continually exemplifying themselves: A rule of established practice, established anywhere, in this behalf, is it defective in any respect, or supposed to be defective?

But in many cases, the determining to wait till full proof can have been made of the justice of the demand, would be in effect to render the fulfilment of the duty of giving execution and effect to the appropriate portion of substantive law impossible: The Westminster-Hall common-law judges, in different groupes—in some instances collectively, in others severally— shared among them as they can agree, possess and exercise a power of making law—of making that which has the bad effect, without any of the good effect of law, ad libitum, without any controul but that of a legislature, which is in league with them by a community of sinister interest, and leaves to them the charge of exercising depredation and oppression, in cases in which fear or shame would prevent its operating to that effect by its own hands.

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The evil composed of the vexation and expense to which, by means of the suit, he may be subjected—the evil correspondent, and opposite to, the collateral ends of justice.

Jeremy Bentham, Anarchical Fallaciesexcerpt.