Info: it the most difficult current programming language, though not the most difficult possible one. Malbolge, for those not familiar with it, is a language designed to be have so far have expressed an interest in programming in Malbolge!. Malbolge is a programming language invented by Ben Olmstead in , named after the eighth circle of hell in Dante’s Inferno. The name was.

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The virtual machine is based on trits tri nary, i.

They are listed here:. I think Malbolge needs an update.

Malbolge programming

For the eighth circle of hell in Dante’s Prograkming, see Malebolge. The peculiarity of Malbolge is that it was specifically designed to be impossible to write useful programs in.

Lou Scheffer’s Malbolge page. This page was programminng edited on 21 Julyat A cat program in Malbolge this one does not stop on EOF; one which does is several orders of magnitude more complex:. There’s only one officially allowed NOP code that can be entered, even if many possible NOPs are possible at run time each non-instruction that is a printable character is a NOP.


This program is something I thought to be impossible. The Malbolge language has eluded many attempts to use it for some years.

Malbolge was specifically designed to be almost impossible to use, via a counter-intuitive ‘crazy operation’, base-three arithmetic, and self-altering jalbolge. We’ve assumed that the memory can be preloaded at will, even if that’s not the case. Note the distinction between the o instruction and any of the other NOPs: Wow, So I have more to learn. I do all my development in it and anyone who disagrees and doesn’t follow me is uncool. The term normalized Malbolge was lanvuage by Andrew Cooke as can be seen in the External resources section below.

Why do “Joke” programming languages exist? – Software Engineering Stack Exchange

In any case – if it is for real – Very impressive! Iizawa’s silly attempt at writing code in Malbolge. Those who are still skeptical with respect to whether this file has the whole lyrics harcoded or actually does loop as it claims, prkgramming the following facts: Indeed, the author himself has never written a single Malbolge program.

That encryption, fortunately, has a few weaknesses that make writing Malbolge programs feasible.

99 Bottles of Beer

If the program has a character which is impossible to interpret as an instruction see later or a whitespace, it is rejected as a whole. An example program follows. Whereas most esoteric languages are just minimalist and fairly ugly, unlambda honestly has some quite interesting concepts albeit, expressed in the ugliest possible ways.


The standard interpreter and the official specification do not match perfectly.

Programming in Malbolge

I’m actually writing something in Chicken as we speak. Just looking at the source code gives me a headache. A Malbolge program can be created from the assembly program above as follows. Now that we’ve reached the point where Scheffer stops let’s continue from there, pointing out the problems that are encountered on the way.

This program reads a string from a user and prints that string, similar to Unix cat. It supports 20 distinct colors, with some implementations having support for more. We just introduced a Malbolge assembly language and got rid of absolute positions for code or data sections.

Here is an example program:. JavaScript is the most popular programming language today. However, it otherwise has sequential execution, repetition, and conditional-execution.

This is a featured language.