M27C ± 10% SUPPLY VOLTAGE in READ OPERATION FAST ACCESS TIME: 45ns LOW POWER CONSUMPTION: Active Current 5MHz Standby Current. M27C Datasheet, M27C PDF, M27C Data sheet, M27C manual, M27C pdf, M27C, datenblatt, Electronics M27C, alldatasheet, free. M27CBC1 STMicroelectronics EPROM K (32KX8) ns datasheet, inventory & pricing.

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M27C2001-90XK6TR – 256K X 8 OTPROM, 90 ns, PQCC32 256K X 8 OTPROM, 80 ns, PQCC32

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二极管 三极管 IC 优势库存 PD技术资料 第页

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M27C Datasheet, PDF – Alldatasheet

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