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A fully-balanced, four stage differential I-F amplifier gives maximum gain with freedom from interference and noise. Minimum data pulse width ns C Minimum data set-up pm1391n ns 0 Minimum data hold time ns E.

Diode dxtasheet current measured at Vr – V 0 ff min. Minimum Data Pulse Width C. Capacitor Lm139n 6 should be temperature-stable NPO. A low-resistance path must be provided between pins 9 and The relay driver types of Sprague IC drivers and other similar transient-protected ICs are somewhat more useful than the so-called general purpose types, since the diode common terminal may be switched for a system lamp test.

Switching between modes is done with a single-pole d-c switch. The efficiency of LED displays has improved, but with the larger digits up to 1 ” presently most of the IC drivers are unable to switch the higher currents required in multiplexed systems.

The split supply would provide the volts needed to ionize the dis- play and the resistor capability would greatly aid the incorporation of functions previously done by discrete components – including both input and output seg- ment current limiting, pulldown open drain PMOSpullup and pulldown reference for IC outputs, and a high impedance voltage divider for the output OFF bias.

The integral transient suppression diodes allow the use of these drivers with inductive loads such as relays, solenoids, or stepping motors without the need for discrete diodes. Type ULNA is housed in a pin dual in-line plastic package datashee a copper lead frame that eliminates many decoupling problems and allows maximum power dissipation. Im- proved motor torque is obtained at double the nominal dafasheet step angle, and motor stability is improved for high step rates.


A typical application appears in Figure 13; al- though the drawing depicts use with an electrosensi- tive printer, the device can also control inductive loads such as print hammers and solenoids, or ther- mal print heads. Lower package manufacturing costs.

The decoder automati- cally switches between stereo and monaural opera- tion by detection and evaluation of the kHz pilot carrier signal. Pull-down resistors are incor- porated into each output and no external components are required for most fluorescent display applications. Internal output pull-down resistors elimi- nate the need for external components usually re- quired for fluorescent display applications. A guarantee of mA output sink current capa- bility saturated is provided with the worse case TTL logic 1 level of 2.

The three examples that have been shown for LED interface represent only a very-small portion of the total applications area. The jiF capacitor indicated in Figure 12 achieves typically 35 dB rejection. The need for complex, smart or high-order interface. Applications The UHC- and UHD- Series, and power and relay drivers are ideally suited for driving incandescent lamps, relays, solenoids, and other interface devices with up to 1 A output current per package.

Ion All inputs at 0. Audio Distortion is primarily a function of the phase linearity characteristic of the detector tuned circuit.

For allowable combinations of output current, number of outputs conducting, and duty cycle, see graphs following. The a-m mixer is a fully-balanced mixer based on a four-quadrant multiplier as shown in Figure 7. Units Supply Datasheer Vcc: Many calculator interface schemes use con- siderable numbers of components 70 to typically to drive gas discharge panels. Burn-In The burn-in, or accelerated-life test, is performed to screen out marginal devices, those with inherent defects, or defects resulting from manufacturing deviations that can cause time-dependent or stress- dependent failures.

  ISO 13320-1 PDF

Currently, much of the cost of such a system is related to drive electronics, and much of the cost of the interface is the assembly cost of the DIPs or hybrids. Note that the oscillator input can be to either pin 7 or pin 8the R-F input to either pin 9 or pin 10, to dagasheet the circuit board datsheet.

LM1391N, LM1391P, LM139A

Calibration of test standards and equipment is per- formed at periodic intervals in order to maintain test accuracy. Exact circuit values will be determined by the I-F amplifier design. Reducing the pin 16 voltage to 1. On special order, hermetically-sealed ver- sions of these devices daasheet reduced package power dissipation capability can also be furnished.

Data Sheet catalog: ParNumber from digitIndex LM

The rule-of-thumb generally applied uses the suggested d-c current – multiplied by the number of digits dagasheet the display. I toMvUMM 3 — 1.

Datasheet pagepro en 4 Documents. It is also possible to now better define the voltage at the emitter output and to then provide suitable segment current-limiting resistors for the LEDs.