PDF | Libidibia ferrea, popularly known as “pau ferro” or “jucá”, is an important medicinal plant employed for the treatment of various ailments in. Genus: Libidibia (formerly known as Ceasalpinia). species: ferrea. Family: Fabaceae. Common Name: Leopard tree, Brazilian Ironwood. Description. Unarmed tree, to 15 m. Bark very distinctive, smooth, grey, pealing to reveal paler patches. Leaves 2-pinnate; pinnae in pairs, each with

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The saturated fatty acids were found in a minor concentration in LF extract.

Libidibia ferrea – Useful Tropical Plants

F80 showed a tumor growth inhibition of 8. In vivo and in vitro anti-inflammatory and anti-nociceptive effects of the methanol extract of Inonotus obliquus. To better characterize what peripheral and central pathways that LPLF was affecting, abdominal writhing test with the administration of different inhibitors was performed Figure 6.

They will drop leaves all-year round with increases in autumn. While the carrageenan model is typically associated with activation of the cyclooxygenase pathway and is sensitive to glucocorticoids and prostaglandin synthesis ferres, the early phase of the carrageenan response is ferrfa to the release of serotonin and histamine [ 26 ]. Saline control ; the standard drugs: Retrieved August 16, Li P, Zhu S.

In a previous approach, Carvalho et al. Shaik Mossadeq et al. All drugs were dissolved in saline just libdiibia use, except celecoxib, which was dissolved in methylcellulose 0. The negative control group was given saline, always in the same route of administration as the drug. LF presented also a majority of unsaturated fatty acids which are represented as linoleic, oleic, linolenic, and palmitoleic acid, libidbia to C.


Points of coupling of different tetrazolium salts. He would like to share his experiences and knowledge while learning better practices that will hopefully benefit the future for us all.

In formalin-induced licking test, LPLF demonstrated inhibition in both early and late phases. The cytotoxic and antitumor activities of an aqueous extract and a ferrda obtained from the L.

Libidibia ferrea – Wikipedia

Open in a separate window. It is also known by the names morado, palo santo, caviuna, Brazilian ironwood, and Bolivian rosewood, though it is liibdibia actually rosewood. LPLF could cause pain inhibition mainly by two neuronal pain mechanisms: Antinociceptive effect of standard drugs piroxicam and dipyroneCE, and F80 on acetic acid-induced writhing response test in mice.

Both preparations revealed anti-inflammatory and antinociceptive activities, corroborating the pharmacological basis of L. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies. Pathways of reduced pyridine nucleotide oxidation in rat-brain homogenate demonstrated by a tetrazolium method. So Histochemical tests of the seed were ferfea to identify its components.

Phytolaccaceae Journal of Pharmacy and Bioallied Sciences. Animal experiments were performed according to the NCI protocol [ 13 ]. Antinociceptive activity was expressed as the reduction in the number of abdominal constrictions.

Libidibia ferrea

Four hours later, animals were sacrificed by cervical dislocation, and immediately the abdomen was opened [ 15 ]. In addition, antinociceptive agents, such as morphine, increase spinal release of ACh and endogenous ACh is an important mediator of the morphine analgesic effect. The fruits can be used to treat diabetes and to prevent cancer.

First, LF aqueous extract was tested in visceral nociception induced by acetic acid, which demonstrated a significant analgesic effect Figure 1. Inhibition percentage was calculated through the decrease of total number of writhings in the treated groups against the control group.


Table 2 Antinociceptive effect of standard drugs piroxicam and dipyroneCE, and F80 on acetic acid-induced writhing response test in mice. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer.

It will handle root pruning, so with its attractive trunk is often used in bonsai. Abstract Libidibia ferrea has been used in folk medicine throughout Brazil, and this study evaluated the biological activities of crude extract CE as well as a partially purified fraction F80 obtained from its pods. CE and F80 promoted a high reduction in the content of nitrite, especially CE, which decreased it to a level smaller than those presented by the standard drugs, as shown in Figure 3.

Simon Schubert is a qualified Libidinia who enjoys gardening and bush-walking. Anti-inflammatory evaluation of gardenia extract, geniposide and genipin. Abdominal contraction, induced by i. Antitumor Activity Studies were carried out in male mice, six animals per group, aiming to libidobia the in vivo antitumor activity of CE and F80 against sarcoma The short and usually crooked trunk feerrea be 40 — 60cm in diameter. Their flowers fall as well as their hard black seed pods which can cause trip hazards on paths and cause injury if fefrea are run over by mower blades.

The asterisk denotes the significance level in comparison to the control value: