Slide 4 of 10 of 02 laminas oficiales test de rorschach. Test Para Determinar Sintomas de Deficit de Atencion. Uploaded by. LiZa Navarrete · PROTOCOLO DE RESPUESTAS PARA EL TEST DE RORSCHACH. docx. Aplicación Del Test Rorschach – Láminas – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Aplicación Del Test Rorschach – Láminas.

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It has a disadvantage in that it tends to make answers somewhat stereotyped. Retrieved Oct 15, But, beginning in the mids others began to try to replicate or update these norms and failed.

Basic Foundations and Principles of Interpretation: The first one studied negative attitudes towards the test generated during the Wikipedia-Rorschach debate, [] while the second suggested that reading the Wikipedia article could help to fake “good” results in the test.

Several scores correlate well with general intelligence. Exneras a more rigorous system of analysis.

He was so impressed that he started a craze for the test that has never diminished. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Rorschacch Exner system of scoring also known as the “Comprehensive System” is meant to address this, and has all but displaced many earlier and less consistent scoring systems.


The Chapmans called this phenomenon ” illusory correlation ” and it has since been demonstrated in many other contexts. In which direction is he looking? Characteristic tedt card IX is indistinct form and diffuse, muted chromatic features, creating a general vagueness.

It has been employed to detect underlying thought disorderespecially in cases where patients are reluctant to describe their thinking processes openly.

Test de Rorschach

Sometimes such information about personality characteristics is helpful in arriving at a differential diagnosis, if the alternative lqminas being considered have been well conceptualized with respect to specific or defining personality characteristics”. The information on the cards was fictional, although subjects were told it came from case studies of real patients.

Choose a key and discover your hidden personality!

It has been suggested that Rorschach’s use tsst inkblots may have been inspired by German doctor Justinus Kerner who, inhad published a popular book of poems, each of which was inspired by an accidental inkblot. Exner settled upon the area coding system promoted by S. They have been in the public domain in Hermann Rorschach’s native Switzerland since 70 years after the author’s death, or lamians years after the cut-off date ofaccording to Swiss copyright law.

The Rorschach suicide constellation: All about their intimate laminaa. Only those with higher IQ are able to solve these 6 riddles The Rorschach test is used almost exclusively by psychologists. You probably want to see the stories everyone is talking about.


The subject is usually asked to hold the cards and may rotate them. It makes heavy use of what factor shading, color, outline, etc. Implications in Professional Psychology”. It requires rorscchach wealth of knowledge concerning personality dynamics generally as well as considerable experience with the Rorschach method specifically.

The Rorschach Ink Blot Test”.

In one experiment, students read through a stack of cards, each with a Rorschach blot, a sign and a pair of “conditions” which might include homosexuality. Did Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman forget their adopted children? Furthermore, substantial evidence justifies the use of the Rorschach as a clinical lminas of intelligence and thought disorder.

rorschach laminas test

Clinical management of behavior disorders in children. The interpretation of the Rorschach test is not based primarily on the contents of the response, i.

Form is the most common determinant, and is related to intellectual processes.