Before beginning his work Kounin felt that most people thought that instruction and disciple were two separate entities. Instruction, the skills presented for. Kounin found that teachers who use effective instructional management keep their students focused on learning tasks and minimize behavior. According to Kounin, good classroom management depends on of the teacher moving the class from one instructional activity to the next.

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Grab your pen and take note pf the following important keys. Please help us to share our service with your friends.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The teacher can then intervene or take the group to a different track if required. In showing students the connections between one subject to the next, using previous vocabulary to manwgement students for learning new vocabulary, a teacher will show overlapping. Momentum is the flow of a lesson.

Making sure she is reminded about what is expected my okunin her not to become distracted so easily. A teacher can keep a timer and assign roles to students to keep the students moving and on a time deadline.

Suggestions for Principals M. For example, a pink koumin for Suzy, Bobbie, and Billy could stand for the Phonics station. Kounin said that is was not necessary for the teacher to know what is going on, but for the students to perceive that the teacher knows. Create your website today. Allen Guidry East Carolina University. Management I Classroom Management is a primary concern for beginning teachers Classroom Management is a primary concern for beginning teachers.

Being able to present a new topic while preventing misbehaviors is essential for a teacher. Often classroom misbehavior increases when a classroom moves from one task or activity to another. This Lesson Movement is achieved through withitness, overlapping, momentum, smoothness, and group focus.


Briefly acknowledging student misbehavior at first detection to let the student and the class know that the teacher is aware, thus preventing an escalation of the misbehavior. This technique allows the teacher to have an idea about those students who may cause an unwanted tangent and those who may have a good question, pertaining to utilise the time instructioal.

While Kounin only told this one student to get on task, other students who were not on task suddenly put away what they were doing and started listening to the lecture. In this instance, students have to wait for their turn and, while waiting, might begin to talk and engage in other misbehaviours. Effective teachers move through the lessons at a brisk pace and appear to have very few slowdowns in the flow of activities.

To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. The teacher may also want to make a respectable suggestion to inform the student that their behavior is unacceptable. Kounin identified specific teaching techniques that help, and hinder, classroom discipline. For example, if a student is done with an assessment or an assignment early have something for them to do such as moving on to another assignment, reading a book, or a quiet enrichment exercise.

Students need to know that the teacher is aware of what is going on in the classroom. Once they have finished a task they can turn to each other or they could pair up with those who are already done and compare answers.

This can also look like asking random questions, or asking a student a question and then looking around at other students to see if they are thinking or ready to respond. The rules must be taught on a daily basis over a period of weeks or even months and then reinforced. The teacher should have communicated to all students the expectations and can have these displayed so everyone can be “with-it”.

For example, the teacher tells each member of group to do something individually that could be performed by the group as a whole. Ability the teacher has to know what the students are doing in the classroom at all times. These are the main theories and history of Jacob Kounin. About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service.


Jacob Kounin: Instructional Management

Being able to keep on track without getting on tangents as well as being diverted by irrelevant questions or information is important. The teacher knows what is going to happen next but needs to be prepared for unexpected changes that could occur throughout the day. Another thing that can ruin smoothness is when a teacher does not have a plan or course of action, it can seem as though the lecture is jumping from one topic to the next. Shuffle the card frequently.

Theory of Instructional Management by Jacob Kounin

Why is classroom management important? We need your help!

When one student is about to throw a paper airplane or punch his friend in the shoulder, the teacher can make eye contact with him and shake his ,anagement.

Keep a folder to fill-in activities if a lesson takes less time than planned. Maintaining such momentum and having a steady sense of movement throughout the lesson helps engage the learners in activities and helps prevent student misbehavior.

He cannot seem to focus on one activity till he knows what is coming next. These videos contain things you should avoid in dealing with student. This first observation led Kounin to conduct experiments over 5 years with students from all levels, mangement later Kounin changed his focus to seeing how teachers actually prepared or proactively managed their classrooms before behavior occurred.

Using smoothness, what could you do as a teacher to prevent Brad from yelling instrutcional