Language Arabic. خطبه نکاح، خطبه الجمعه، خطبه اشرف علي تهانوي، دعاي نکاح، Khutbah Nikah, Khutbah Jum’a, Khutbah Juma’ah Ashraf Ali. Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. Nikah Khutba 1. 5. 6. 5. 2. 1. 8 8 8 31 1 34 1 6 4 8 34 6 1 6 8 6 8 8 34 4 1 8 6 8 8 34 3. 1 3!4 8 8

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However, the majority of the scholars jumhur are of the opinion that Khjtba is a meal that is prepared after the marriage has been consummated.

Legal Status of Marriage in Islam: Whomsoever Allaah guides will never be led astray, and whomsoever Allaah leaves astray, no one can guide. The bride gives consent to her representative Wakeel in the presence of two witnesses to perform aabic marriage at the Masjid. I observe fast and suspend observing them; I marry woman also. Prophet Muhammad Arxbic made it his tradition sunnah to have marriage sermon delivered in the assembly to solemnize the marriage.

Friday Khutba (Examples)

At the Masjid, the Wakeel represents the bride in the presence of the two witnesses and the stipulated dowry. Whosoever obeys Allah and His messenger will be guided aright and whosoever disobeys will cause loss to his own self and thereafter. Importance of Marriage in Islam: Each should arrabic and appreciate that Allah has brought them both together and that their destiny in life has now become one. The best word is the book of Allah, and the best way is that of Muhammad, on whom be peace. Imam Zaid mentioned permanence.


Choosing a suitable partner: To give necessary items. Warning to those who disregard marriage: Muslim women have also been discouraged to live a life of celibacy and commanded by Allah SWT to choose a suitable spouse: By Allah, I am more submissive to Allah and more afraid of Him than nikzh yet I fast and break my fast, I do sleep and I also marry women.

Whomsoever He leaves straying no one can guide him.

The marriage contract in Islam is not a sacrament. O ye who believe! This is more pure and clean for you. Ihutba Qudamah RA said: The sermon invites the bride and the groom, as well as the participating guests in the assembly to a life of piety, mutual love, kindness, and social responsibility.

Khutbah Nikah Nikah Jo Khutbo

The relatives, neighbors, and friends are invited in order to make them aware of the marriage. For every age there are some rules prescribed. His help and guidance is sought. Marriage cannot be done except with two Muslim witnesses, whether the couple are both Muslims, or only the husband is Muslim Lo, Allah hath been a watcher over you.


This particular speech was translated from Arabic, I believe. However, no special pains should be taken in gathering the people from far off places.

One of the branches of faith is marriage. By Allah, I am more submissive to Allah and more afraid of Him than you; yet I fast and break my fast, I do sleep and I also marry women. Man wearing a red and gold colored hat and woman wearing beautiful jewelry.

In Walimah, whatever is easily available should be fed to the people and on should be taken that the is no extravagance, show and that no debts are incurred arabi the process.

It was the noble practice of Nabi Sallallaahu layhi Wasallam to counsel spouses about the awareness of Allah before performing a Nikah by reciting the verses Nisa v14, Ahzab v69, Al-Imraan v from the Quran. Remembrance of Allah is another key. The Khutbah-tun-Nikah begins with the praise of Allah. jhutba

The Hanafi jurists fuqaha are of the opinion that, a banquet up to two days will be considered to be a Walima, after which it will no longer be considered a Walima.