Star Wars: Imperial Commando: st by Karen Traviss, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. The Clone Wars are over, but for those with reason to run from the new galactic Empire, the battle to survive has only just begun The Jedi have. st has ratings and reviews. Chad said: Karen Traviss continues to be one of the best things about the Star Wars EU with this, the fourth vol.

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As I said before, the book is mostly technically sound. Personalities are established and may even change during the book. Highly toned down from the Republic Commando books with the balancing view off Ny too bad she remains mostly silent on the matter to the Mandosbut still prevalent none-the-less. Published October 27th imperia, Del Rey first published January 1st Djinn Altis and his ragtag band of hippie, free-loving Jedi make lots of strategic cameos, inserting themselves into the plot and their ideals into the commandl of the entire Skirata clan.

It drives his actions in the story. Many of the plot scenarios are left unresolved.

During the time it took me to read the novel and write the review, Karen Traviss left the Star Wars publishing fold, leaving the continuation of the Commando series in doubt. Is that so hard? I think they resolve to do better?

Imperial Commando: st : StarWars

It reminds me of the Saturday Night Live sketch Dopplegangerin which two characters, having decided that two other characters appear identical, state that one of them must be shot.


I know he loves his boys I’ve heard it a billion times in between the pagesbut he is overly emotional, always bawling or pouting or yelling or something-ing. How would they se Pretty fun. Unfortunately, the story ends on a cliff-hanger. Republic Commando Book 3 Kindle Edition. They might have looked identical under those helmets, but if she thought they were friends—that was all wrong, deadly wrong. What was wrong with the old style?

I love Traviss’s characters, but this Commando installment is probably the weakest example of her prose. The urban slumps of Corusant is well described as being dirty, crowded, and dangerous.


Inspired by Your Browsing History. I really love this series of books and characters.

The characters are another great thing about this book. Priest was also part of the Cuy’val Darand commajdo Kamino, he set up a fight club that clones had been involved in, where they were either brutally wounded or killed.

Iperial lives in Devizes, England. A former defence correspondent and TV and newspaper journalist, she lives in Wiltshire, England. Would you like to tell us about a lower price?

No doubt many have no problem imperizl the pace or the focus, as I did. They’re both fine characters, at least in terms of potential, but their relationship is as devoid of chemistry as any I’ve ever read. Nov 17, Ashley rated it did not like it Recommends it for: And if I’m crying for characters I’ve only lmperial a hundred pages ago, then you know it’s that good.


Commahdo on a bunch of clone soldiers who were genetically engineered cloned from Jango Fett for the Republic in half the usual growth time by the Kaminoans and who provided the cannon-fodder at the Battle of Geonosis, there are some superb characters in here from aging Mandalorian training sergeant Kal Skirata, a few unorthodox Jedi who escaped order 66 the Emperor’s attempt to wipe out the Jedi completely ; Uthan a creator of genetically targeted biological super-weapons and the clones themselves – all looking and sounding alike but each one an individual.

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Definitely on par with the first three books in the series, in my opinion. This book tries to fly on the coattails of that greatness and sort of falls off into navel-gazing drivel from time to time. Everything about her premise screams out to be written as popcorn action. Until it eventually does. Seeing how he has the entire Clan Skirata watching over Kad, Darman decides to stay in the st Legion in order to monitor, and maybe even sabotage, certain activities within the Empire that might compromise Kad’s safety.

Anyone aiding fugitive Jedi was an enemy of the Empire by definition.