Ida Scudder was born in , in Ranipet, Madras Presidency, India. In , her family returned briefly to the United States following a cholera epidemic and. Ida Scudder wanted to leave hot, overcrowded India for the good life. If asked to define the good life, she would have replied, “America and marriage to a. In John Scudder left his growing practice in New York City and sailed for Ida Scudder was born in India in and grew up well-acquainted with the.

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She dedicated her life to the plight of Indian women and the fight against bubonic plaguecholera and leprosy.

Ida Scudder realized that she would be foolish to go on alone in her fight to bring better health to South India’s women, so she decided to open a medical school for girls only.

Although Scudder’s efforts to save the medical college from closure included converting it into a coeducational institution, causing condemnation from Lucy Peabody and other supporters of women’s education, her work remains significant.

Ida S. Scudder

scydder She was interviewed by reporters, and many stories were written about her work. Macmillan Reference USA, Viswanatha Reddi at the B. She was born of Dr.

To make matters worse, the people, desperate for medical attention, did not trust her. Soon after she arrived in India, biographj began on the hospital at Velour that she had pleaded for before leaving America. Women and children come just to touch her, so exalted is her isa for healing. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Inher family returned briefly to the United States following a cholera epidemic and settled in Creston, Nebraska, for four years.

Medicine was prohibited on scduder feast days, and sometimes critically ill patients were moved from place to place to escape evil spirits. Then in the early s she received word that her work along with other Christian schools in India would be eligible for a one-million-dollar Rockefeller grant if two million dollars could be raised elsewhere. Stephen’s College Wilson College.


Scudder, Ida Sophia (1870-1960)

When the nursing school opened, she was deluged with applicants, and her first graduating class and ranked high in the government exams. Cite this article Pick a style below, and copy the text for your bibliography. Again I shut myself in my room and thought very seriously about the condition of the Indian women and after much thought and prayer, I went to my father and mother and told them that I must go home and study medicine, and come back to India to help such women.

Instead of despairing about the case load she faced and the prejudices and distrust of those who doubted her ability as a woman doctor, she remained in Vellore and began training others to help her in the work. Her nursing school grew to become the first graduate school of nursing in India, affiliated with Madras University.

Full textp. Bibliography Secondary Jameson, Carol B. Scudder began training nurses, an almost unheard-of procedure in Asia. Then, copy and paste the text into your bibliography or works cited svudder. The granddaughter of Rev. In two years, she treated 5, patients.

For many, Including John R.

A stamp issued on August 12,as part of centenary celebrations of Christian Medical College, depicts the college chapel, the motivating monument of the medical college and hospital, symbolising the ethos of the institution. I did not want to spend my life in India.

Scudder, Ida Sophia () | History of Missiology

She vowed then to get a medical degree, so that she could work in India as a much-needed female physician. These women did giography like to be treated by male doctors due to their orthodox habits of not exhibiting themselves before men Then inwhen Cornell Medical College opened its doors to women, she transferred there to take advantage of its higher ranking accreditation, and it was from there that she received her M.


Every dollar would have to be bioyraphy back to the givers. I went to bed in the early morning after praying much for guidance. She was invited by Dwight Moody to study at his Northfield Seminary in Massachusettswhere she earned a reputation for pranks. Although she had originally rebelled against the family business of missionary work, her return to India to help her ill mother began a process of acceptance and inspiration.

While home on furlough she captivated her largely female audiences by her stories of the hopeless plight of the Indian women, and every meeting brought more money for the project. The rain outside had been as wild as her own fourteen-year-old helpless grief. But she wanted more than the toil of missionary life. In spite of biographu new facilities, Vellore Medical College could not keep pace with the new government requirements during the years following independence.

Her name is a famous one in India. Never satisfied, inwith the help of women of many denominations, she founded a college to train women doctors.

Scudder’s medical work in India was biogrpahy significant in that it provided educational opportunities for women and increased the accessibility of medical care to women in the area.