The title say it all – I’m looking for a copy (electronic if possible) of the user manual for a XB-2 in English. Hammond-Suzuki have it for download. How to fix loose keys on the XB-2 manual. jackets from Hammond and do it yourself, or pay. SERVICE MANUAL. XB-2, XB-Sn. CAUTION! see safety notice inside. J. May, HAMMOND SUZUKT, LTD. frt\(\ont.i\c On vse. 60\o\. Scan by Manual.

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On the XB-2, the drawbar positions either live or recalled from memory are displayed on an LCD below the manual keyboard. October xh2, at Must order that manual cos I cant figure out the patch controls or menus Left pot “Reverb” below keybed becomes the Rotary Amp simulation volume control.

It also affects the external Leslie volume on pin socket as the Leslie output signal is derived inernally from tube amp simulation. You’ll need to replace the tube. External Leslie volume may be adjusted by internal trim pots on output jack board see installation manual if volume is too low. The XB-2 also plays this way, but in V2 you also have the option of having percussion trigger on ALL key strikes, not just the non-legato ones.

Percussion enables a transient percussive tone – turn off all the drawbars and listen to 2nd and 3rd percussion to hear the effect, then blend in the class drawbar setting. Midi Controller Options I believe all the Rane EQs are constant-Q, as are most good grade units.

Hammond XB-2 Drawbar Decoding Diagnosis and Repair « Keith’s Electronics Blog

Helps to elevate my mood and push out the daily trials. Could you please advise I am a TVs engineer so I am very ok electronics and test. A constant-Q unit is highly recommended, and a Hz filter is a big plus.


Ask on the Hammond mailing list as to where it’s currently available via mail. At any rate, it was easily fixed and the troubleshooting was a rewarding mental exercise.

I found that 15db of boost causes a bit of audible distortion with my performance rig. Special Midi Features October 11, at Midi Velocity Curve Selections I like Jimmy Smith’s tone on his recent albums, which I’d describe as sweet and a xh2 churchy, yet beefy in hammone lows and especially in the lower mid-range.

Midi Implementation Chart I use the EQ to try to more closely emulate a real B Some of the prices I’ve heard are unfairly high, especially outside the US, so beware.

In my opinion, the version 2 software provides major improvements to the sound, playability, and versatility of the XB How to adjust the internal pots on the XB-2? I find that the EQ is effective in manuaal altering the XB-2 tone in a very wide variety of ways. I installed the ROM upgrade 2 and was pleasantly surprised to find some unexpected benefits. The XB-2 display shows preset number, drawbar registrations and briefly selected percussion and vibrato settings.

XB2-Kit mk3 User Manual

Split Lm Cancel Hi I wonder if you could help, I have a Hammond xb2 series 1 Rev the display comes up I did a system reset and that all worked I also tested the draw bars and the display recognises them and displays when I ajust them also key data is registering via the LEDs on pcbs. Have you worked or know about the protocol of the signaling waveforms between the keyboard and motherboard of the XB2? This requires B-3 players to play non-legato if they want percussion to trigger on each note played.

How to fix loose keys on the XB-2’s maual Midi10 Vel Curve A problem with that is that ‘Soft’ percussion robs registrations like ” of their punch, hammomd you with a choice of shrill highs or muddy lows. You might not use MAX Keyclick in all presets, but it’s mighty nice to have this option.


I finally got around to experimenting with the XB2’s internal trim pots.

How To Edit Parameters Or do you vary your choices often? Below I describe what I discovered by experimenting with different pot settings on my XB2. Information Center Display Overview If you’re one hammonnd us folks who thinks the XB-2 tone could be improved, you’ll be surprised at just how good you can make it sound and you’ll have lots of fun doing it. Midi Implementation Chart each Channel It’s usually a good idea to get used to the sound of an instrument of this type before you start to tweak anyway.

I lucked out hammodn the manual came with my used XB I like this because it lets me control which frequencies growl and which ones are clean. Those commonly asked for are included here. Selecting percussion ‘key tracking’ reduces the percussion level in the high end, making it possible to use louder percussion settings without inducing harshness in the high end.

Listening back to some of the recordings I’ve made of my performances with various bands the last few years, I hsmmond realized something. You are not logged in. Typical Midi Applications That said, it’s a little silly to mention specific settings, but I’ll tell ya how I set my EQ up this past weekend anyway.