Series Title: Publication (United States Catholic Conference. Office of Publishing and Promotion Services), no. Other Titles: Gratissimam sane. role, excluding it from its rightful position in society, would be to inflict grave harm on the authentic growth of society as a whole” (Gratissimam Sane, , no . John Paul II’s Letter to Families – A Summary. Last edited 25th May John Paul II’s Letter to Families – A Summary. In , Pope John Paul II.

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Letter to families : John Paul II. (Book, ) []

Many men and women make this truth their own, coming to discern that only in this truth do they encounter “the Truth and the Life” Jn Why is the “splendour of truth” so important?

The Council sees this “promotion” as a duty incumbent upon both the Church and the State. Human fatherhood and motherhood are rooted in biology, yet at the same time transcend it. If he has been created for divine life, can man truly exist “for his own sake”?

The Year of the Family in the Churchas we know, was celebrated with great jubilation, dynamism and hope. Its existence is already a gift, the first gift of the Creator to the creature. Did Jesus not institute the Eucharist in a family-like setting during the Last Supper?

In certain parliaments and institutions, tendencies were already being announced that in these last 10 years would introduce remarkable conceptual ambiguities, giving rise to serious confusion in the philosophical, juridical, anthropological and cultural realms, the effects of which are now evident. To this end the Pope dedicates the whole of the second chapter, ” The Bridegroom is with You “. Honour your sons and your daughters. The family, as a community of persons, is thus the first human “society”.

To love means to give and to receive something which can be neither bought nor sold, but only given freely and mutually. These have been placed on guard, along the line of Familiaris Consortiowith regards to new problems that have been seriously burdening a certain crumbling of the structure and identity of the family.

The words of consent define the common good of the couple and of the family. This is true for absolutely everyone, including the chronically ill and the disabled.

And so we can say that the civilization of love originates in the revelation of the God who “is love”, as John writes 1 Jn 4: This subjectivity finds its first and fundamental confirmation, and is strengthened, precisely when the members of the family meet in the common invocation: By its very nature the gift of the person must be lasting and irrevocable. Otherwise she would betray herself. There I wrote that man is the way of the Church.


The Church has made notable efforts to promote marriage preparation, for example by offering courses for engaged couples. Even as he was at Cana in Galilee, the Bridegroom in the midst of the bride and groom as they entrusted themselves to each other for their whole life, so the Good Shepherd is also with us today as the reason for our hope, the source of strength for our hearts, the wellspring of ever new enthusiasm and the sign of the triumph of the “civilization of love”.

In this sense God wills every man “for his own sake”. This is proper of an individualistic form of thinking and leaves its traces in some legislations. The Church shares in the joys and hopes, the sorrows and anxieties of people’s daily pilgrimage, firmly convinced that it was Christ himself who set her on all these paths.

The Book of Genesis helps us to see this truth when it states, in reference to sanf establishment of sanw family through marriage, that “a man leaves his father and his mother and cleaves to his wife, and they become one flesh” Gen 2: It refers not only to the divine image and likeness which every human being as such already possesses, but also and primarily to “a certain similarity between the union of the divine persons and the union of God’s children in truth and love”.

In the Church everyone is called equally to perfect holiness cf.

Online text: Letter to Families “Gratissimam Sane”, by Pope St. John Paul II

It does so when it hastily rids itself of people who are aged, disabled or sick. As parents, they will be capable of giving life to a being like themselves, not only bone of their bones and flesh of their flesh cf. In such cases, help can be sought at marriage and family gratissimak centres, where it is possible, among other things, to obtain the assistance of specifically trained psychologists and psychotherapists. The age in which we live, notwithstanding the many juridical Declarations which have been drafted, is still threatened to a great extent by “alienation”.


It is thus necessary that the will of the parents should be in harmony with the will of God. During the Year of the Family, prayer should gratiseimam of all be an encouraging witness on the part of those families who live out their human and Sae vocation in the communion of the home. The Conciliar principle which is without doubt most often cited in the Magisterium of the Holy Father on marriage and the family and which appears often in the Letter to Families is the following: This has occurred within the immense surprise regarding new hostilities from certain tendencies that manifest a torment of the cultural uprooting stated above, of forgetting the existence of a natural law and of its demands, of the eclipse of a concept of the dignity of the person, that brings about a certain dismantling of that which should be a community of persons and thus the first human society cf.

The children’s new life is not limited to a merely biological level, but implies an integral procreation that demands the true education of children. When a man and woman in marriage mutually give and receive each other in the unity of “one flesh”, the logic of the sincere gift of self becomes a part of their life.

First, the common good of the spouses: But for all this to become clearly apparent during the Year of the Family, prayer needs to become a regular habit in the daily life of each family. But this is precisely the source of same beauty: A Document from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith was necessary. Your request to send this item has been completed.

The family constitutes the smallest and primordial human community cf. They then experience a moment of special responsibility, which is also the result of the procreative potential linked to the conjugal act.

When you meet for meals and are together in harmony, Christ is close to you. It may well be that he is knocking at the door for a long time, waiting for it to be bratissimam so that he can enter and eat with us cf.

A child comes to take up room, when it seems that there is less and less room in the world.