Find answers to frequently asked questions about GMN spindles and spindle. Highest precision at high speeds: Milling spindles from GMN. We offer. High-speed spindles with an integrated motor. GMN high-speed spindles for.

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GMN hybrid ball bearings Hybrid ball bearings are a material combination of bearing steel inner and outer rings and ceramic balls. Our extensive spinndle network ensures that we can offer expert advice as well as long term maintenance and quick repairs. Whether you must work with holes or frames, with these spindles you always gmj the right choice. Are synchronous as well as asynchronous motors used? Tool spindles for manual tool change. For grinding, milling and drilling applications, as well as all types of drives which must run in a highly-precise way.

Presently the following models are available: Provision for automatic wheel balancing:: Heating takes place due to the current flow through the coils, which may not exceed a temperature which is appropriate to the insulation class.

Clamping on cylindrical housing:: We can react quickly and flexibly to your personal needs thanks to years of experience and our outstanding, well-trained professionals. Through detailed results of the spindle analysis and the availability of technical special equipment, individual solutions result which ensure a reliable repair of the spindle and its sustainable operation.

There are, for example, sensors for monitoring the tool interface for spindles with automatic tool changefor measuring the shaft displacement, for splndle the motor temperature sensor suitable for the controller or frequency converter to be used and bearing temperature PT sensor.


Spindle Service – GMN

G series All-round high-speed spindle with permanent grease lubricated bearing for universal grinding, milling and drilling applications. I have read the Privacy Statement and state that I accept it.

Interfaces, tool selection, grinding mandrels Retrofitting of competitive products Special solutions Cooling units, lubrication units. High-speed grinding spindle for grinding applications with high stiffness and performance requirements. Your GMN spindles are designed for daily, rough operation and a long lifetime. What does the engraved mark on the gn mean? These provide reliable operational security, quiet running and long lives. On request, GMN supports commissioning of spindles and spindle systems with spindel highly trained professionals.

A synchro nous motor Tool interface: What types of lubrication are there for ball bearings? The actual life of each spindle can only be estimated individually and is very strongly dependent on external influences:. With the improvements of power, load carrying capacity and stiffness in the HV-X designs, the working range of single spindle is extended over the previous models.

Speeds upto rpm:: Lubricators and cooling units are also available at GMN, such as plugs, cables, grinding arbors, grinding disk flanges and pulleys. Hybrid ball bearings are a material combination of bearing steel inner and outer rings and ceramic balls.

GMN has been designing and producing precision machining spindles for more than 80 years. Our asynchronous and synchronous motors have high power densities.

Due to its material properties, radial and axial stiffness are improved. There are spindle types in which the motor is flanged. How are motor spindles cooled? With more than ten GMN authorized GMN service centers throughout the world, we offer our customers over 80 years of experience in the development and production of machine spindles.


Spindles for these applications such as the HC and HCS series provide the highest precision at very high speed for sometimes micro-precise manufacturing results. Comprehensive, Transparent, On Schedule: GMN offers many cable and plug connectors for reliable signal transmission and power supply to motor spindles.

Spindle bearings – GMN

Where are the spindles manufactured? Where can I find the serial number of my spindle?

At any time on our hotline: High-frequency motor spindles for automatic tool change such as the HCS seriesoften also used for internal or external minimum volume lubrication, are used here. Is there support from GMN for commissioning motor spindles? GMN offers high-performance units for reliable lubrication and cooling of motor spindles.

Spindle Repair Service and Spindle Sales

The features of the HSX spindles are: We look forward to hearing from you. Decades of experience in development and top precision in manufacturing GMN machine spindles with certification under national and international quality standards secures permanent outstanding characteristics in regards to bearings, Speed suitability and machining.

Higher motor power is provided to make the maximum use of the mechanical strength of the spindle. Asynchronous motor Tool interface: As a rule, suitable cooling units are used to discharge the heat using cooling water or thin-flowing oil, which can also be obtained from GMN.