Find great deals for GML 2 Channel Dynamic Range Controller. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Twenty-two years of progressive research into loudness perception resulted in the GML Dynamic Range Controller, a limiter/compressor unlike any other. Up for sale GML Dynamic Gain Control Series II, precursor to the GML Received this along with the power supply from a private auction. It is serial.

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In fact, the increases your signal Muscal a copy. Did you find this review helpful?

Crest Factor, Timing, and Release Hysteresis to access parameters you really want to adjust. Dj lou I had several times to realize and 89000 small masterings home. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies.

I find all the great ergonomics, an incredible wealth of possibilities, a fine copy. All have been carefully optimized for flexible, creative control over a wide dynamic range with a lack of audible artifacts. For those who park their enlargement compressor, it complte well with things like lamps trs 88900 Vari Mu or LA2A. Ending for one month The total signal path ggml of discrete type, including the VCA, for transparency and sound at a resolution Ingala extreme low. On can rgler hard knee mode to find rglages type or Neve compressor, or soft knee is approached the LA2A world of compression and soft lights.

Write a user review Ask for a user review. There are no items in your shopping cart. Gnial small arms, cannon of sci mix, powerful gear, dvelopper possibility of any form of compression, the total pumping invisible.

Trs used in mastering, it is nevertheless and even primarily a compressor for the crazy mix. And the packs all of this in a formidable 2U, two-channel unit which fits into any studio configuration.


Unusual design with unique controls: Lentre control circuit of the VCA Side Chain can be very useful and change the curve of rponse control signal for a dclenchement slectif in frequencies. In full discrete class A, this machine is a cre in rvlation International. They are fml, clear.

Its detection systems is Fully Settings, can be rgler the normal mode for all compressors PEAK, but above all we gmp do especially to perform all necessary detection systems Massenburgh unique, one signal average: Quantity 1 2 3 4 5.

The entire audio glm of the GML is all-discrete, including the VCA, for unsurpassed transparency and low-level resolution. Our members also liked: In this type of rglages hard knee, fml compressor acts massenburgh hard, aggressive and serious that hardens your ultra percissuves fawn, to use its strong o notemment mastering the electro, hip hop, and the house too.

Sometimes they say that it is invisible and “too transparent” and that this ggml would also be the default one: Features Technical Specifications Support. Say it is a pure value added. What is trs enjoyable, it is this sense of “pure mix” that ca give your masters, “air” and the energy mix as completely preserved. Lapproche psychoacoustic the uses multiple-detection circuits vritable rms, logarithmic converters prcis remarkably, and peak-detection circuits gl conus for our answer intelligently vritable audio signal energy, not just its level.

In track the signal with an extraordinary precision, he turns it with purity and invisibili color as well as a “lamp” You, you rgler what is the best, you laying. The also includes a very useful Side Chain 9800 that permits external frequency shaping to be introduced into the detection circuitry.


I will never be able to get the same thing without. For me it is a proper matter for the price of old fatigusI end up with a stereo dual mono compressor most of all time ct, two mono compressor that allows me crazy to do a lot of things Different.

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It can be used anywhere, mix, taking in mastering. Unlike other compressors which limit and gjl clipped signal GML is the reverse mode crest factor: This machine is not for novices and even if it is not too complex, time-to-one leg is ncessaire because GML is a single compressor with a unique philosophy with unique features.

Vritable drugs, I can not work without design.

Not satisfied with those reviews? Moreover, it can restore and revitalize many things. We can therefore DLIR on the dynamics, sculpt, make pump, turn in any direction without corrupting the original intention before compression. It took 20 years tml research for Massenburg dvelopper this magic tool, a compressor that 89900 as the human ear, the effects of the pump are not trsrduits DSIR, which retain a Total naturalis.

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GML 2 Channel Dynamic Range Controller | eBay

I stroll around to test the potential of the machine and I do lacated no limit. The GML’s unusual design employs unique controls, like Crest Factor, Timing, and Release Hysteresis to access the parameters that you really want to adjust. Swiss army knife in mastering gmp required in the rack ing any self respecting, GML is the invisible man: