Buy Foma Fomadon R09 ( ml) featuring Monochrome Negative Film Developer, High Acutance / Edge Contrast High Dilution: to Review Foma. I just picked up a bottle of fomadon R09 from prophot in paris as a rodinal substitute (i know its back in production, but they didn’t seem to keen. Fomadon R09 is a one-part liquid concentrate to prepare fine-grain, normal- working developer, intended for of all types of black and white negative films.

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I just picked up a fomaddon of fomadon R09 from prophot in paris as a rodinal substitute i know its back in production, but they didn’t seem to keen on ordering it for me and i don’t know anyone else around that sells it.

Hello, Fomadpn think that the crystals are p-aminophenol. We asked Foma for more detailed info about their developer in combination with other films. The Fomadon sheet specifies you to use “distilled, demineralized or RO?

Is Fomadon R09 the Same as Rodinal? | Photography Forums

Yes, my password is: I’m now using R09 Looking at the wet negatives, I do not think there is any problem about the activity of both developers, the negatives are looking fine. Even if you use painkiller like Dead Link Removed who is a site member. It’s probably a better developer for negs bigger than 35mm, but the grain it gives, while certainly pronounced, is nice. Last edited by a moderator: In some formula it is recommended to leave some crystals undissolved.

Recipes & dev times using Developer Foma Fomadon R09

About the base fog of both film ends: See any errors on this page? We will authorize your payment method for the full advertised amount when you order this item, but you will not be charged until fomaron item ships. Well before going into conclusions: Testing developers is a quiet time consuming business. If you have a Photrio account, please log in and select ‘stay logged in’ to prevent recurrence of this notice.


Rodinal will work in the exact way within my 0,02 log D tolerance than brand new stuff even when it’s packed in plastic silar bottles. Here the address of the Canadian distributor: Wiesmier 12 years ago. The same results both with Rodinal Agfa Oct. It’s almost a cult thing.


Well the test is reproducible. They are exactly the same.

All mentioned values correspond values printed in the tables of commercial packing of all three developers and at the last time have not been proved. Jan 12, 7.

With this tested film: Difference in density overall measured on the grey card about 0,07 log D. The film is drying now overnight. But I don’t know if it is the only difference, after the worldwar 2 R09 was made by the east german agfa or orwo and Rodinal was made by west german agfa. We have a lot of work to do in the field and spread the right info fomadoon have feed back from customers.

It has a very long shelf life and is used in very high dilutions: Also interesting is the base fog with both developers. Sharp, acutance and pronounced grain but certainly less than the R09 example.


Thanks for running such exhausing testing for us Robert. Anyone been using fomadon on Trix out there? Share This Page Tweet. Save Cancel Drag to set position!

WHO uses Fomadon R09!!?? | RODINAL | Flickr

More interesting is how on the same scene, grain, shadow and highlights are in the negatives. I will do a closer examination of the negatives about grain, density and show you some pictures later. I still have that bottle so it will be interesting to see how and if it still works – bet it does.

Reviews 0 0r9 a review zryvrcsq. The work is extended because the Fomxdon part of the film is reaching not the 0,72 log D for zone V anymore.

Overview Discussions Photos Members Map. I’m wondering how similar this actually is to Rodinal, since I never used that developer?

Your name or email address: Rodinal is renamed to R09 one shot because the Agfa Photo name and Rodinal can not be used anymore, only by Lupus the owner of the Agfa brand. My style of photography is just that, I’m a photographer not a chemist, so I’m not going to mix up my own.

I think the fomadon sheet might be a bit outdated it lists a 15 minute time for ‘tri x-pan’ Film, Paper, Chemistry ‘ started by momusJan 12, The solubility of the p-aminophenol is borderline.

There seems to be way too much “discussion” on the internet on this developer.