“It is the motet Ecce sacerdos magnus, WAB 13, ” Behold a great priest”, a responsory or processional antiphon used for the reception of a bishop. It is originally. In the sixty years old Anton Bruckner, a truly devoted Roman Catholic, completed his motet ‘Ecce sacerdos magnus’ for chorus, 3 trombones and organ. Ecce sacerdos magnus. composer. Anton Bruckner (). celebrating the th anniversary of the founding of the Linz diocese. author of text.

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The piece of in total bars is a six-part responsorium sacerdks A minor for eight-voice mixed choir, three trombones and organ: Only a few are singing it magnuw accordance with the score: In contrast, the harmonic structure is more reflective of Bruckner’s own compositional style. The piece includes several references to Bruckner’s Libera meparticularly in the harmonic writing. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Ecce sacerdos magnus, WAB 13 (Bruckner, Anton)

Features A Brief History of Abruckner. The performance was by the National Youth Band of Canada. Gordon also focused on composing high-caliber music for young students, composing for the groups under his direction while a music teacher at South Side High School in Newark. The most of the performers are singing the Chorale in Gregorian mode. I did some asking around and William Carragan provided the following information: Berky john abruckner.


It was completed by 28 April and sent to Burgstaller in mid-May. As a composer, Gordon strove to balance the experimental ideas and techniques of the 20th century with more traditional compositional techniques. Inhe created “Funday Songs,” a radio show which was broadcast three times a maguns into Newark classrooms. Cambridge Companions to Music. The trombones, which brucknre double the low voices, occasionally adopt independent lines. The work’s “most enthralling feature” is “the antiphonal writing of Gabrielian grandeur” in bars 64— The Cambridge companion to Bruckner.

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Editor’s Section Latest News!! Dir zum hohen Feste Mayer Cantata: The wind and wind-chorus music of Anton Bruckner.

The ritornello on the words “Ideo jurejurando” is expanded and contrasted with episodes “that seem to trace the evolution of church music” in their varied use of texture. The altar of the Old Cathedral of Linz. His master’s thesis brucker on German Singspiel, and his dissertation, completed inwas titled “Contemporary Music for Performing Groups. Gordon received bachelor, master, and doctoral degrees from Columbia University, where he studied English Literature and Germanic Languages. The antiphon, which was intended as processional music for the entrance of the bishop into the cathedral, was thus designed to be “majestic” and “ceremonial” in character.

In addition to his conducting and composing, Gordon was involved with several state and national music education organizations.


Organ works — Two Aequali Powered by Invisible Gold 3. In cooperation with the Works Progress Administration WPAGordon organized several orchestras and bands, which performed concerts in parks, schools, community centers, hospitals, and other public institutions.

Psalm settings — Psalm Magnificat Psalm 22 c. These minute radio scripts were comprised of several songs composed by Gordon, with lyrics by Ilo Orleans. It has also not been performed during Bruckner’s life. It is a musical setting of the antiphon of the same title. Accordingly, he often created works for particular groups to perform at specific occasions.

It’s based on words from Ecclesiasticus Therefore, by an oath, the Lord made him increase among his people. Upcoming Bruckner Performances New Releases: He gave him the blessing of all nations, saceedos confirmed his covenant upon his head.

Ecce sacerdos magnus (Bruckner) – from SIGCD – Hyperion Records – MP3 and Lossless downloads

Views Read Edit View history. It is originally written for mixed chorus and brasses. Motet by Anton Bruckner.