Edward Rutherfurd is a pen name for Francis Edward Wintle (born in Salisbury, England). Rutherfurd settled near Dublin, Ireland in the early s, but currently divides his time between Europe and North America. New York: The . The Princes of Ireland has ratings and reviews. Jaline said: From Edward Rutherfurd’s website:Q. You have said in interviews in the past that. The Princes of Ireland (The Dublin Saga, #1) and The Rebels of Ireland (The Dublin Saga, #2).

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Very interesting take on Irish history from the viewpoint of a duvlin fictional families through the years. Awakening New York Paris New characters, new century! What do you mean by that? It was done easily and simply. Through the use of generational story telling, we as readers experience how various things influenced Ireland. I felt it was a bit slow and drawn out in some places, but the interactions and intertwining between the families we’re watching through the years and how they react to what are now major historical people and events are incredibly interesting to read and imagine.

Question re Fionnuala Ui Fergusa [spoilers]. Some of the Irish believed that his mission was to unite all of Ireland under one leader, and saw this as a good thing. The best parts of the book for me were the descriptions about that time period in general the Romans leaving Britain, the Christians slowly making their way over, the druids, etc.

Retrieved wdward ” https: Since I did read almost all of the book I thought I would write about it anyway. Rutherfurd invents four to six fictional families and tells the stories of their descendants.

This book is written in sections and with each section one pretty much starts over. Employing the chatty style he perfected in his best-selling novels Sarum and Londonhe covers 17 centuries of Irish history, beginning in pre-Christian Ireland and culminating in the mid-sixteenth century.


Edward Rutherfurd || The Princes of Ireland

And as long as the book was View all 4 comments. Overall the book was entertaining, filled with both fact and fiction. Gradually, the characters’ attitudes towards Catholicism began to sour as they witnessed the beginnings of the battle of religions in Ireland: TThe advice I got was very similar to what I was thinking.

So begins the long conflict between English and Irish cultures, through the English rulers at Dublinthe wild life ‘beyond the Pale ‘, the intrigues of the Fitzgeralds and Butlers. The second volume which I have not yet read takes up where the first one leaves off and covers the struggles of the Irish to regain independence – including the years of the “Troubles.

View all 83 comments. Another thing that I personally enjoyed Their descendants the O’Byrnes, and the MacGowans, Harolds, Doyles, Walshes and Tidies, experience triumph, danger and failure in a sweeping saga that leads us through the coming of the Vikings, the making of monastic treasures like the Book of Kellsthe glorious reign of Brian Boru and the council where Ireland falls for the trickery of an English king.

There were things I had forgotten, like that Leopardstown Racecourse is so named because it’s on land that was once the site of a leper hospital.

Quotes from The Princes of Ir I struggled for pages and then tried skpping around. A place that will join Salisbury, London, the New Forest and Russia in a form of social history and storytelling he has made his very own.

Edward Rutherfurd has introduced millions of readers to the human dramas that are the lifeblood of history. Because so much bad feeling – and so much political propaganda – is based upon the falsification of history.

This is a problem I have with Rutherfurd – the book finally started to get interesting to me, and that’s when he decided to move it along years! Obviously this makes me slightly concerned about how much I may enjoy or not enjoy reading Russka and Sarum, but hopefully they at least have some good qualities. They were about places I see all around me still Five centuries later, the Vikings make their mark, and Rutherfurd skips ahead with chronicles of the monastery at Glendalough, the Book of Kells and the death of Brian Boru founder of the O’Brians with his Pyrrhic rktherfurd over the high king of Tara in Boyne Valley Day Tours.


Aug rutherfurr, Donna rated it liked ruutherfurd Shelves: Refresh and try again.

I think it does matter. Aside from the English, that is.

The Princes of Ireland 1 7 Feb 17, I’ll still be reading the follow up book though Find other titles in Historical Fiction Literary Fiction. Jul 30, Irishcoda rated it it was ok. I’m excited to pick up the next book, The Rebels of Irelandand see what that has in store for me. Mar 01, Sara W rated it it was ok Shelves: Last year I cheated a bit and read both London and the Forest, which, while interesting, lacked the same intruging characters and drive as Paris, but it’s become clear to me that Rutherfurd’s writing style has evolved and improve I’m so glad that I decided to read the first book of the Dublin Saga as my annual summer read from Edward Rutherford, rather than one of his stand-alone novels I have Russka and Sarum on my shelf as wellsince it completely renewed my faith in his historical fiction.

Books by Edward Rutherfurd.

The Princes of Ireland – The Dublin Saga

The author’s understated humor made the book delightful. Nov 12, Gregory Williams rated it it was amazing Shelves: I enjoyed that aspect of this book. Stanford Graduate School of Business. Brilliantly weaving impeccable historical research with stirring storytelling, Edward Rutherfurd explores our shared Celtic roots in a magnificent epic of Ireland spanning eleven centuries.

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