The Black Circle: Unholy Alliance (Deadlands: The Weird West) [Unknown] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Written by John Goff, Interior Art by Richard “Rico” Pollard, and cover by Pete Venters. Black River, Bayou Vermillion, and the creepy Whateleys have joined. The Black Circle details three of the major villains of Deadlands: Baron LaCroix, Mina Devlin, and the Whateley family. The sourcebook is divided into three.

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For the album by Madder Mortem, see Deadlands album. See the current Pyramid website for more information. More recently, the Whateleys have been major players in the latest three-part series of adventures by Pinnacle Entertainment Group Ghost Busters, Rain o’ Terror, and the forthcoming Dead Presidents.

If not, his work was in vain. The game is set in the United States in the last quarter of the 19th century.

Deadlands Classic: The Black Circle (PDF) | Pinnacle Entertainment Group

This progress drives the technological level of Deadlands from historical levels to a ” steampunk ” setting. Reloadedeach focusing on certain regions and events in the metaplot of the game. In the game world, this mechanic is explained as the huckster literally gambling with a magical spirit in order to get it to do his or her bidding — a high ranking poker deadlaands means the huckster has won, and the spirit casts the hex as desired; a low ranking deaslands hand results in failure.

This has the effect of promoting and encouraging role-playing. Fate chips can be spent for in-game bonuses such as bonus dice to use during certain rolls, or the prevention of physical damage.

For example, a priest seeking to heal a gunshot to the stomach would require more faith than if he were trying to mend a broken arm. Sufficient levels of fear in the population of a given location allow the Reckoners to begin subtly altering the environment of that location: While most of this book is designed with gamemasters in mind, a section detailing Blood Magic for player character members of the Whatley clan provides advanced players with an intriguing new option for their games.


Marshals or local sheriffsHucksters magic usersShamansBlessed those of faithand Mad Scientists in an attempt to learn about the Reckoning and the mysterious beings behind it.

The card’s suit in reverse alphabetical order indicates who goes b,ack if the same value of card is drawn.

Deadlands Classic

Blessed characters can use their faith to invoke miracles —they pray for their patron to grant their request. The unleashing of the Reckoners has had a number of important side effects.

The “Weird West” mark is used to distinguish the primary game setting from the various other settings:. This happens in three stages: If he succeeds all three, he earns “appeasement points” according to how well he succeeded. Deadlands is a genre-mixing alternate history role-playing game which combines the Western and horror genres, [1] with some steampunk elements.

Both jokers are present and wild, increasing the chance of a good hand, but the black joker means that the spirit does something harmful to the huckster. Flory and entitled Deadlands: The Hell on Earth update was released in Native American shamans cast spells by making deals with spirits.

During character creation players can choose “Hindrances” disadvantages such as Big Britches, Bloodthirsty, or Big Mouth.

Shane Lacy Hensley had the idea for a new game centering on cowboys and zombies as he was setting up Pinnacle Entertainment Groupwhen he saw the Brom painting blaack a Confederate vampire on the cover of White Wolf ‘s then-unreleased Necropolis: Players with huckster characters use a deck of playing cards in addition to dice to cast their spells hexes.

Retrieved from ” https: These are drawn from a hat or some other container that the player blindly chooses at the beginning of play. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Inthe second of these campaigns, The Last Sons, was released. InMicrosoft announced that it was developing an original television series for the Xbox based on Deadlands.


However, the Reckoners cannot directly enter Earth’s dircle unless the overall fear level of the entire planet becomes sufficiently high. As ofgames in the Deadlands setting have won nine Origins Awards: The difficulty of a given miracle the amount of faith required by the patron for their assistance can vary.

Pyramid Review The Black Circle: Although set in Weird West, this sourcebook is not just for those who play Deadlands. To perform an action a player rolls for successes with a handful of dice and hopes that at least one of the dice rolls the Target Number or higher. Unholy Blacck, written by John Goff for Pinnacle Entertainment Group, details three of the Weird West’s major villains, their organizations, and the far reaching conspiracy that loosely ties the three together.

A successful skill check allows the player to draw five or more cards and makes the best possible poker hand with those cards. In most cases only the highest single die’s value with “aces” added is compared to a target number.

The miracles are usually protective or restorative in nature, although there are some for attack. When a player role-plays this Hindrance well, the Marshal can reward them instantly with a Fate Chip. The first instance of this occurred on July 4,at the site of the Battle of Gettysburg that had just ended; dead soldiers from both sides of the conflict rose from the battlefield and began indiscriminately attacking the surviving soldiers and civilians.

The page setting book updates the canonical setting to and includes information on the events of the past year, as well as new rules.