Tightwad tips from the Complete Tightwad Gazette book to save you money. Helpful frugal ideas on a wide range of topics. After my favorite book on frugal finances, Your Money or Your Life (read review), I ‘d say The Complete Tightwad Gazette is the second book. Tightwad Gazette Fan Club. K likes. Fans of Amy Dacyczyn’s Tightwad Gazette share ways to save money and resources, while encouraging members to live.

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What have you been up to over the last ten years since you stopped writing The Tightwad Gazette? For about six years, I ran a church thrift shop on a volunteer basis a couple of days a week … I kind of burned out doing that. I also found her recipes to be kind of bland – I don’t think I’d eat most of them if there was another, less-frugal option.

Secondly, they are unable to take account of your individual circumstances – how dirty your hair is for example or how hard or soft your water is.

The books taught many people how to do more with less, and to live a more contented life. Sometimes I really have to fish through to find what I’m looking for.

Be the first to ask a question about The Ocmplete Tightwad Gazette. Trashpick if you want. Sep 27, Jenny rated it really liked it. This author is VERY extreme in her frugality; and that behavior allowed her to be a stay-at-home mom of 6 I think kids on her husband’s small salary. The solution is to find the right balance of earning and saving so you can maximize your quality of life.

Just skip everything that doesn’t apply to you, and you still end up with a ton of great, interesting, even FUN ideas for how to save money. The book covers ways to save money in hundreds of unique and imaginative ways.


The Complete Tightwad Gazette

Maybe some writing tips? Quotes from The Complete Tigh However, this book takes being frugal above and beyond anything I would have ever imagined. Whether or not you make a good impression depends a lot on the other person. Genius things to do with items you’d normally throw away. The ideas in the book range from super-miserly re-purposing meat trays? Also, her principles can be applied at will – if you only want to take a few ideas away from this massive tome, that would still probably save you a decent amount of money.

Apr 29, Kathy rated it it was ok. It’s a good way to examine whether your thoughts are rational or not. They have an attitude of deprivation, that frugality is something poor people do. Anyway, this book was more entertaining to me like making your own cookie cutters from tuna cans and pliers than helpful although I did get a few recipes I’m going to tr I found out about this book in a recent magazine and was disappointed to find how dated it was that’s the magazine’s fault, not the books.

I, gazrtte, am the last one to hear about it as Susan and Co,plete had already heard of it. Plus, your wallet will love fomplete Jun 07, Lauren rated it it was amazing. Also, some ideas here are obviously dated – email technology was very new at the time she addressed it in her book. How to cut back to start saving. When I first received this book, I was advised to read it cover to cover first, then go back through it with a notebook and write down all tips I think are relevant to my family.

People go about it all wrong.

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When buying something as an investment in value buy what you will be happy with. It is kind of ridiculous that these ideas are radical, but they really are. Or turn it into a dustpan. After six and a half years, I was really ready to retire. But that’s okay, because there are some-odd pages of this tightwav.

I also liked her attitude about recycling and reusing. There are some neat ideas, but I think the author is a little over the top on compplete everything.

Since our conversation went on for a very long time and touched on a lot of topics that are way outside of the range of this blog the publishing industry, etc. What the reader should pay attention to are the articles about tightwad theory, any applicable reader-submitted tips, and probably the success stories.

The Complete Tightwad Gazette | Top 10 Personal Finance Books |

I’m afraid I’m on the verge of becoming a hoarder. Your dating style financial and otherwise should be consistent with who you are as a person in every other area of your life. She demonstrates Amy Dacyczyn was one of the leading figures of frugality advocacy in the 90’s. Aug 19, Katie rated it it was amazing Recommended to Katie by: When there is a lack of resourcefulness, inventiveness, and innovation, thrift means doing without.

This is considered by many to be the frugal living “bible. But more importantly, all of gazerte articles, even the irrelevant ones, demonstrate a certain approach, a certain attitude about spending. The newsletters were filled with her frugality tips — practical tips that you could use in your everyday life.