Comnav Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Comnav Installation And Operation Manual. ComNav Autopilot Manual. Autopilot System Installation & Operation Manual COMPLIES WITH CE REGULATIONS PN V ComNav Autopilot ComNav Autopilot. READ. Show more . Autopilot System Installation & Operation Manual v1r3 – ComNav · comnavmarine .

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While the Ghost Rudder will not allow the Autopilot to steer as well as it can with the Rudder Feedback, it will allow the Autopilot to be used until repairs can be made. Immunity to conducted audio frequencies Annex A, Section A. If Port C is facing downward then air will not be able to rise out of the pump and the pump will not have a supply of oil.

From here, you can only increase Sensitivity using the Green Key 2. There is no information from the Compass. Cpmnav cannot be done from the Second Station.

Put your tools and other magnetic objects in storage places away from the Fluxgate Compass. This has 40 feet Outboard Feedback Caution The Outboard Feedback will be damaged if it is extended more than 10 inches. Give it time to find its position accurately and turn off its warning indicators.

But this is especially important following the initial installation and bleeding of your system. Similarly, the cable from the Compass to the Processor Cable 2should not be cut or lengthened. Remove the 4 Phillips screws holding the inner end cap.


Notices sent by mail will be deemed to be received by ComNav on the seventh 7th day first following the xomnav of posting in North America and on the tenth 10th day next following the date of posting anywhere else in the world. Recheck your power supply polarity before you insert comnaav power connector.

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The light beneath the Green Key will stop flashing. Use the Control Head to extend the rod fully in one direction and then the other.

If the light above the Nav Key does not come on and all the other lights are flashing, the Autopilot is not receiving any useable information from your navigation device. The black wire is Battery Negative.

Slowly turn the boat in as small a comnzv as possible. The design of the Clip allows two methods of placing the Control Head cable. If it is damaged, replace it with a 20 Ampere AGC fuse.

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Bring your boat onto a Course. To make a large Course change, press and hold either the Green or Red Key.

If the pilot light goes off, followed by blinking port and starboard lights, you have reached the highest level of conmav Slow Response Sensitivity; from here, you can only decrease Sensitivity using the Red Key. Maintenance Keep the sliding rod clean. Go to Finishing the Setup, below. Position yourself so that you can see your hydraulic steering cylinder while operating the Control Head.

The Autopilot has tried to move the rudder but it has not detected any rudder movement. Use the Clip as a template to mark the holes. This part includes 30 feet 9. However, you must do that out on open water cpmnav so for now, you comnxv turn off the Autopilot System.


Do not xomnav the Processor near heat sources, such as heat radiators, or over engines. Unpacking and Identification For example: Your Autopilot will work but the quality of steering control will not be as good.

There are two Rudder Response settings. To replace the fuse: The swinging occurs because the Autopilot is overcorrecting for course errors. This will set the Sensitivity to its lowest level. Whenever underway, your vessel must be under the control of a qualified and alert person.

In the Cable 5 diagram below, the Ground is the green wire. To correctly position the Fluxgate Compass, mount it comnavv that the top surface with the cable gland is up.

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See page 14 if you have not already decided on a ground. When you have completed the bleeding, leave the equipment for the bleeding procedure attached to your hydraulic steering system. Have a large container, about 2 gallons, ready. Do not connect one instrument to another and then to the battery post.

Minimum Bend Radius You will connect these wires to the Processor when you make all the other wiring connections. This may be all that is required.