cfchart> can implement charts as images in JPG or PNG format, as well as Flash , and – the focus of this chapter – JS/CSS/HTML. In versions of ColdFusion from. Use the cfchart tag in ColdFusion to display a bar, pie, line, or other coldfusion cfchart sizing issues Coldfusion – Charts for Email Saving Blank Files. on a migration to Cold Fusion we are having issues with the charts. We can generate the chart but the image is too small. It looks like it is adding white.

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Using the crosshair attribute. Sets the color of the border. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. The styling is not exactly the same, but that’s due to ColdFusion using different “default” styling than ZingCharts does.

Alpha transparency level of the background. In such cases, the chart needs to show new data at regular intervals of time. The cfchart tag defines a container in which a graph displays: Valid values are category and scale. Applies only to Flash format graph files. ColdFusion has created an empty graph.

I suppose you could take the image and then send it to ColdFusion’s image manipulation functions can get something that is cropped to your needs. I am using this code for counting response. I need to have a clustered bar chart that would be generated from a dynamic query. Added style and title attributes.

The body of the cfchartseries tag includes one cfchartdata tag to include data that is not available from the query.


Graphing Your Data with CFCHART

This tag also allows you to specify the type of graph you want to build, such as a line graph or a pie graph. The rest is done with JavaScript. Data is sorted according to the sortXAxis attribute. Added support for eight-digit hexadecimal values to specify RGB coldfusioon and transparency.

Generates the graph as binary data and assigns it to the specified variable. When there are time coldfussion I would like the line chart to also Category Data output tagsExtensibility tags.

Use the following cfm file to create a line chart: After we did an update to CF11, a few things just disappeared or do not For all other color values, you must enter the hex value. URL to open if the user clicks item in a data series; the onClick destination page.

For all other color values, enter the hexadecimal value. However we will simply use ZingCharts directly. Actually right now there is no any short cut available other that building the whole charts again with the attributes provided in the CF11 or need to use zingchart engine to create chart i.

CFChart all X- axis labels are not displaying I have many cfcharts in my application. It’s even possible to incorporate the coldfusionn into your own databases. To set these options: The page containing the chart is receiving data via websocket and I am trying to pass some of this data to the chart at regular intervals cfcart Background color of tips.

For the font attribute value ” ArialUnicodeMS “, the following rules apply:. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Data is sorted according to the sortXAxis attribute. I have found in Adobe documentation to set the background as “fit: This option is required, if you are using a double-byte character set on Colddusion, or using a double-byte character set in Windows with a file type of Flash.


All cfchartdata item attribute values must be numeric. A Simple PIE chart with hard coded data.

Adobe ColdFusion * cfchart

Consider the Source In case you’re coldufsion, the population numbers for the first part of this chapter come from the US Census Bureau. I have a dataset that basically consists of snapshots – so we have snapshot dates, and then corresponding scores. Added style and title attributes. I am adding cfchart in the pdf.

Graphing Your Data with CFCHART | Building Basic Charts | Peachpit

But seems like this fix also will be major change and will come with another release, till colcfusion time hold the migration to coldfusion 11 if you have created huge amount of charts. I’m at a dead-end hoping someone can help with this one. We can generate the chart but the image is too small. Sets the color of the crosshair lines. Whether to display y-axis gridlines: Developing Adobe ColdFusion 9 Applications.

You really owe it to yourself to run the code samples included in this chapter to see the graphs in color.