Charlotte Temple has ratings and reviews. karen said: this book is baaaaaad. it is melodramatic and sentimental and full of woe is me and what. With an Introduction by Jane Smiley First published in America in , Charlotte Temple took the country by storm—in fact, it was this nation’s. Rowson’s tale of a young girl who elopes to the United States only to be abandoned by her fiancé was once the bestselling novel in American.

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Charlotte Temple – Wikipedia

Davidson who wrote the introduction to the Oxford edition”Charlotte” was “America’s first best-selling novel in the early years of the Republic. Once you get past the old writing style and accept that the author will direct certain passages directly to her reader, it has a pretty good story line.

However, the French teacher, Mademoiselle La Rue, is not a good girl and really shouldn’t be rowsob with Charlotte. While on the other hand, the completely amoral Mlle. Charlotte Temple by Susanna Rowson Like another reviewer said, this book is bad. With such chapter titles as “French teachers not always the best women in the world,” “Which people void of feeling ne This book was everything I thought it would be, and more!

My Gender and Politics prof warned us that Judith Butler is ‘kinda dense,’ and a Shakespearean guy admitted that “T In every lit class, there comes an awkward moment when the professor has just assigned a reading he or she is unsure about. It’s a valuable record of the history of the American novel. Judging it solely as a literary piece in the most literal of termsand from the point of view of my own worldview with all of its preconceived notions, Rowson deserves two stars.

Desperate, evicted from her home, and pregnant with Montraville’s child, Charlotte goes out in a terrible storm to find the French teacher who originally encouraged her alliance with the officer.

For fuck’s sake, just get on with it. This was hard to read just because rowsom older language, obviously it was written before the US constitution, but if you can shut out all the critics and historians and everyone who has something to say about this book.

She isn’t even strong enough to go look for her daughter in the States. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Views Read Edit View history. This novel is very short–a novella, technically–and has chqrlotte very melodramatic, over-the-top plot.


Moreover, those responsible for her trouble are duly punished—though not her seducer himself; as the only remotely complex character in the novel, he suffers remorse, often tries to do the right thing, and is sometimes extenuated by the plot as when he is misled that Charlotte has been unfaithful.

No woman can be run away with contrary to her own inclination; then kneel own each morning and request high heaven to keep you free from temptation. Let Belcour, or any other of your favoured lovers, take you and provide for you; I have done with you for ever.

Charlotte and Mademoiselle eluded the eye of vigilance; ny Montraville, who had waited their coming with impatience, received them with rapturous and unbounded acknowledgments for their condescension: On its own, the book isn’t really anything special, and can be annoying at times for modern readers. In the end, when her family has learned of her whereabouts and her father is hurrying to save her, she gives birth to a baby girl and dies of malnutrition.

I read it on audiobook yes if you read my reviews there had been a pattern lately and like I always say I feel like I loose something from just listening so I will need to reread this in the future.

Charlotte Temple, by Susanna Rowson

Then she comes to America, gets pregnant, gets dumped by the British soldier and dies. I finished it in a week! Roger Ebert, after viewing the movie ‘North’ for the first time, had some choice words for it in The heroine giving birth without any actual pregnancy symptoms And my absolute favorite: Rowson’s text is far less subversive than, say, Kate Chopin or Jane Austen, but it’s worth reading nonetheless.

The “Norton Anthology” from which I read this piece had an introduction in which they explained that Ms. So as a historical document, it’s pretty valuable. The novel’s narrator is exceedingly interventionist, often sermonizing the reader on the necessity of rectitude and, more intriguingly, of mercy for the penitent unrighteous.

For these reasons I love it. The rest of my class thought it insufferable; I found it so heavy-handed as to be really entertaining. I think this work is better served in college w “Charlotte Temple” was not what I was expecting.

And great day in the morning, must all the characters be Alas and alack! Ultimately, “Charlotte” is not a great piece of literature as a novel, but as a sort of metafictional exercise, it’s quite intriguing. Customers who bought this item also bought. Though no historical evidence exists to confirm the facts of this story, Susanna Rowson insisted throughout her life that it was true, and it was as a “tale of truth” that it was charlktte and loved.


A cute British soldier comes along and convinces her to elope with him to America. That can be interesting when the idea is to create distance between the story and the speaker.

The book’s plot reminds me of a contemporary soap opera, but with a much more judgmental and religious tone. Charlotte Temple by Susanna Rowson. She attempted to arise as they approached, but from extreme weakness was unable, and charlotge several fruitless efforts, fell back in a fit.

And this is the first thing I had to read this term? Similarly, in her preface to this Modern Library edition, Jane Smiley distinctly implies that those who dislike Charlotte Temple are akin to her male classmates at Yale in the s who challenged her to name one great female American novelist.

Charlotte Temple by Susanna Rowson () | LiteraryLadiesGuide

I recommend this short book on many levels, including history of marriage, language, and women’s history. Charlotte had, when she went out to meet Montraville, flattered herself that her resolution was not to be shaken, and that, conscious of the impropriety of her conduct in having a clandestine intercourse with a stranger, she would never repeat the indiscretion.

I shall never trouble you again, Charlotte. So as a historical do I’m rating this book based on historical context and for entertainment value. I really want to know more about Susanna Rowson’s life now, though. Julia was an amiable girl; she saw only the fair side of his character; she possessed an independent fortune, and resolved to be happy with the man of her heart, though his rank and fortune were by no means so exalted as she had a right to expect; she saw the passion which Montraville struggled to conceal; she wondered at his timidity, but imagined the distance fortune had placed between them occasioned his backwardness, and made every advance which strict prudence and a becoming modesty would permit.

Charlotte Templea “best seller” that went through more than editions, was the most popular American novel until Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin. This book is actually the first step in the development of American literature in relation to marketing, storytelling, and form.