First in an all-new paranormal romance series Caution: readers may feel the heat coming off the pages. They are the Sentinels Three races descended. Burning Alive (Sentinel Wars, book 1) by Shannon K Butcher – book cover, description, publication history. The Paperback of the Burning Alive (Sentinel Wars Series #1) by Shannon K. Butcher at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more!.

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The characters in this story drew me in, and I cared about them. At least she wasn’t a whiner. Three races descended from ancient guardians of mankind, each possessing unique abilities in their battle to protect humanity against their eternal foes—the Synestryn.

Burning Alive (Sentinel Wars, #1) by Shannon K. Butcher

So I knew what I was in for, but I kept on going anyway, mainly because I was intrigued by the basic premise of the book: So when she sees the man of her nightmares staring at her from across a diner, she attempts to flee-but instead ends up in the man’s arms. This gives Zack the perfect excuse to manhandle Lexi, the only waitress working in the whole place. The origins of the Sentinels are fascinating to me. Fans of those authors will probably enjoy burnnig one.

For too long, Helen Day has been haunted by visions of her own death, surrounded by flames as a dark-haired man watches her burn. At least these heroes have normal names like Drake, Thomas and Logan. Even if the hero does seriously need her. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. See all books by Shannon K. Lexi was my kinda girl. Lexie made up for that shnnon spades, though.

REVIEW: Burning Alive by Shannon K. Butcher

The hero’s people are born with a tattoo of a tree [lifetree: Corny romance, first series world building, alpha males, and decent fighting action scenes. Butcher spent more time investing in the death scene than she did with Helen’s vision coming true – which was very weak.


He could have been jaded as hell considering that no only was he fighting the good fight without any recognition from the people he was fighting it for, but he was in so much physical pain. Overall, I’m really pleased I discovered this series and am eager to read the next book. I loved the opening with decrepit Miss Mabel whacking our hero with her walker because she thought he was hurting our heroine.

The grief I share. Anyway, I’m thinking this is going to be a series for me to keep up with. SKB is a talented author who tells a story by releasing bits and pieces as you go So when she meets the enigmatic man from her dreams, warrior Drake, she fears that her doomed fate is at hand, but Drake refuses to believe that her vision of the future will come to pass and vows to protect her at all costs.

Mar 19, Kat Kennedy rated it did not like it Shelves: Drake is anxious because he feels the need to talk to Helen, or rather walk over to her and be all alpha and force her to tell him who she is.

Burning Alive (Sentinel Wars, book 1) by Shannon K Butcher

I really liked the scene where Helen and Drake meet. The plot was the only thing that kept me going. Hell, even awesome Miss Mabel did view spoiler [I was so glad she was brought into the fortress hide spoiler ]. Ooh, it’s so big! I was concerned that all the bad guys seemed to be low brain functioning creatures but there is one scene proving that wrong and foreshadowing some nasty stuff to come. Helan Day is the protagonist in the story and I find I like shannnon.

So why is she so stupidly fatalistic in her conviction that her vision will come true?

It had me thinking of Flash Gordon–and the various races sannon Flash encounters when he goes to Birning in Dr. Together, they may become more than lovers-they may become a weapon of light that could tip the balance of the war and save Drake’s people They have a truce with the Theronai now, and they provide healing for the Sentinels. Their only hope, as I said, is finding the perfect woman to work as their outlet, to take the excess energy and release it as a weapon.


Burning Alive

Now, one warrior must fight his own desire if he is to discover the p Loved it, hated it, got mad at it, cried, raged, lusted, almost tossed it across the room. The woman who draws him like a moth to a flame. The introduction was so abrupt it was confusing. Helen Day is haunted by visions of herself surrounded by flames, as a dark-haired man watches butxher burn.

She’s hiding behind a menu hoping he doesn’t notice her, and he’s staring at the girl who’s hiding behind a menu acting scared to death of him. Jun 10, Sky rated it it buther ok.

Too much info, peeps. When Drake touches Helen, all of the unimaginable pain he has lived with for centuries fades away. So, I reverse-engineered some of my favorite books and studied them, focusing not so much on the xhannon, but on how I felt when I read them and why I felt that way.

During that scene, our heroine, and her two gurning were hanging out at a restaurant, when three men, also hanging out in the restaurant, noticed them, and each one of apive physically restraine This will be full of spoilers, so read at your own risk. However, the two main characters, ugh. In the end, his sacrifice saved Drake and Helen. As a Sentinel he must stop the Synestryn demons that have plagued the Earth for centuries.