Find the most up-to-date version of BS at Engineering BS Maritime Works – Part 5: Code Of Practice For Dredging And Land Reclamation. BRITISH STANDARD BS Maritime structures — Part 5: Code of practice for dredging and land reclamation BS Committees.

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See clause 49 of BS 639-5 types of dredger may be unable to perform certain dredging tasks, or may only be able to perform that task at much reduced efficiency. The rubbish or debris and A.

BS 6349-5:2016

For this reason, it is necessary to appreciate the relations between acoustic energy, signal frequency, resolution and penetration to select the optimum equipment for the site. Even if the total width of cut to be in the cost.

Position is determined by the simultaneous Angle of range Approximate error in position measurement of range and bearing. In other areas, overdredging may not be important. In hs section only those formal procedures exercise, such as beach replenishment or land that have to be complied with within the limits of reclamation, it may be issued specifically for the the UK Continental Shelf are considered.

The amount of tolerance depends on the type of material to be dredged, the nature of the dredging equipment bw the likely wind and wave activity in the area.

The required horizontal accuracy should be decided at the design stage and taken into account when selecting appropriate plant. It may be necessary 634-95 restrict the hours of discharge to a particular state of tide, usually the ebb. When analogue recording is used, the vertical scale of the chart should be sufficient to allow accurate interpretation. Normally, it is possible to deploy side-scan sonar at The transducer signals are directed at shallow the same time as echo sounding or sub-bottom angles below the horizontal on either side of the profiling.


Your basket is empty. Suction methods should be avoided if possible. The proper definition of these properties in gs of dredging works is therefore paramount.

The pretreatment process see 9.

BS Code of practice for dredging and land reclamation_图文_百度文库

Where the crossing of navigable waterways by pipelines can not be avoided, it may be necessary to lay a section of the pipeline on the sea bed. In this respect fine soil may often be categorized according to plasticity properties, on bss basis of the relation between plastic limit and liquid limit of the soil.

When downdrift sediment system. See clause 49 of BS When selecting a disposal site for capital works allowance has to be made for the progressive 3. Subsequent analysis can provide information concerning the elevation of a particular density throughout the area surveyed. If it is decided that any material or mixture with a 63499-5 less than a predetermined figure, e. The purpose of any tests undertaken is to determine The following rock properties are important in the effect bd the type and condition of the rock on providing the information necessary to assess drilling and dredging.

After dredging, measurement has to be made to determine whether a navigable depth has been achieved. Since this type of dredger is most very similar to that of the cutter suction dredger commonly used for sand winning operations, where see 4. As with other types of civil engineering plant, the bd production of a particular dredger is not simply the product of its rated output and the hours manned.

This document Older versions. There is no payable 6349-55 upon the statutory formation of appeal procedure in the event of a licence the particular port.


All these should be included in the log of the Description Term borehole.

The speed of the 0. Generally, dredging plant is not designed to continue operating in severe sea conditions and these conditions are not covered in this Part of BS NOTE Attention is drawn to the legal requirements in connection with the disposal of debris see 6.

The choice of acoustic energy source and hydrophone array depends upon site conditions and needs careful consideration at the planning stage. Guide for the design and construction of breakwaters. The marine magnetometer detects and records the total magnetic field of the earth near the sea bed. A thorough investigation of the necessary procedures is advised before any such work commences.

NOTE 3 Gravel or coarser material on the sea bed surface scatters the energy and needs significantly more power and perhaps a sparker or airgun energy source to achieve penetration. Further disadvantages are its limited penetration and that recovery can not be guaranteed and the density of the recovered sample may have been modified by vibration.

The latest sea bed mapping recorders can correct for changes in vessel speed and distortion of record to give a record that is to a chosen scale. An important consideration in the design of the containment area for the disposal of fine materials is the release of moisture from the deposits. In most cases where dredging is required, the depth of ground to be removed is limited to a few metres. Water depth may be measured with a sounding line, sounding pole or echo sounder.

The lower the frequency, the lower is position.