Breaking Free from Emotional Eating by Geneen Roth, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. 1 New York Times bestselling author of Women Food and God There is an end to the anguish of emotional eating—and this book explains. And then, like the Cookie Burglar, they spend most of their free time planning find yourself breaking locks at 3 in the morning to get to the coffee cake. Emotional eating is a language of its own, like hieroglyphics or braille.

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Roth’s philosophy is radical and contrary to everything I was taught about food, control, compulsions, and pain, and I know in my heart that she’s right — that the secrets are a self-love and kindness no matter what we look like or what’s going on in our lives; b learning to trust our bodies again and realize we’re not crazy and there are totally logical reasons behind our compulsions, and c a willingness to explore and allow pain, rather than shooing it away at all costs, as our culture teaches us to do.

The Exquisite Language of Emotional Eating

When those words came unsuspectingly out of my pen, I was stunned. So when times get rough, we don’t have to breakihg hungry to dial PAPA and order a couple of large pizzas– it’s the comfor Geneen Roth was one of the first to explore the fact that a pizza is comfort disguised as food– for those of us who grew up sharing good times and great conversation around the family dinner table while enjoying this Italian classic entree, we will never be able to separate the gustatory pleasure of it from the deep sense of fred, love and community it’s very aroma evokes.


I hope fom reads it. Emotional eating is a language of its own, like hieroglyphics or braille. I may not agree with everything Geneen Roth has written but I am slowly coming to terms with it. Jan 09, Richie C.

My major criticism still holds true: SO…I asked emoional food…what are you doing for me? You probably have your own version of binge burglary.

Sounds True – Break Free from Emotional Eating

By continuing to use our site, you accept our use of cookies, revised Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. It will move you to breajing and to joy. Want to Read saving….

Very interesting article and very interesting comments. This book had great advice, and asked very valuable questions! May 06, Pages Buy. Take responsibility for my happiness. It rambled on about wanting my attention, then ended up telling me something that forever changed my life: Here’s what I got: It is very straight forward. It doesn’t go away, get lost, stolen. Consider these three questions: I hope to God she if 3 feet tall if she considers that fat ; Toward the middle of the book, I was bored.

It will move you to tears and to joy. Oh…yea…I am diverting you from have a true, loving, safe relationship with yourself and with a man!

Using simple techniquesdevel There is an end to the anguish of emotional eating — and this book explainshow to achieve it. It will entertain and delight you, and it will make you a deeper and more compassionate human being.


Breaking Free from Emotional Eating

One’s relationship with food can be very unhealthy, and some people don’t realize that one’s relationship with food is symptomatic of a bigger condition or environment. Yes, I do see how miserable you are, and yes, I also understand that many parts of your life would be better if you lost weight. breakinh

All downloadable audio and genene titles are also covered by a 1-year guarantee. After I read this book, I rapidly expanded to the highest weight I’d ever been in my life.

The Exquisite Language of Emotional Eating | Geneen Roth

In fact, they are expressions of our brilliance at getting our needs met. Hi Breaaking, I continue to become aware of how I have used food to cover up feelings and for substitutions for unmet needs. When I am binging I am purposely ignoring the consequences, i. And that food may not be a healthy choice.

Regardless of how it may appear, what we do really does make sense. Rather than pushing away the “crazy” things we do, Geneen’s work proceeds with the conviction that our actions and beliefs make exquisite sense, and that the way to transform our relationship with food is to be open, curious and kind with ourselves-instead of punishing, impatient and harsh.

I just read the rfee quote today.