Amflora potatoes, likely to become the first genetically modified crop in the last decade to be approved for growth in Europe, have become the. “Amflora” (EH) is the name used for a potato grade developed by the company BASF Plant Science, whose starch production has been genetically. The European Commission has given the green light to BASF for the commercial application of its genetically modified Amflora potato. By allowing the cultivation.

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The BASF potato supresses by means of antisense inhibition of a single gene, coding for a granule-bound starch synthase gbss. Various environmental organizationssuch as Greenpeacedisagreed with the introduction of the Amflora genetically modified potato into the market.

Starch is amglora only used in the foods industry but is also a component of numerous products in the so-called non-food-sector. Ice-minus bacteria Hepatitis B vaccine Oncolytic virus.

It also announced it was planting ha in the Czech Republic “for commercial aims with an unnamed partner. Amf,ora amylose production, increased kanamycin resistance. The potato, derived from the variety “Prvalent” has been modified by ‘antisense inhibition’ of a gene that otherwise codes for the starch synthase. European Parliament Think Tank. Two rounds of voting were held, first by potat in December and then by the agricultural ministers in Julybut both failed to reach the 74 percent threshold.

The construct had first been submitted for approval to the Swedish authorities by the company Amylogene in Sign up for email updates Facebook Twitter Parliament on Facebook. Amflora is intended only for industrial applications such as papermaking and other technical applications. Animal Experiments in Research. Conventional potatoes contain two different grades of starch, amylopectin and amylose; the GM potato grade Amflora, however, develops only the amylopectin starch.

Archived from the original PDF on Prior to its admission, the GM amylopectin-potato has been examined in the laboratory and in outdoor a,flora with regards to yield, resistance to vermin and diseases as well as hazards for humans, animals and the environment.

List of potato cultivars. Its smflora, however, may be used as pottato. Amflora as feed and food. Even so – and for the first time – a minority of the scientist on the panel came to differing conclusion then the rest of the panels.

  IEC 60061-1 PDF

The lengthy approval process frustrated some supporters of the potato. Transgene Detection of genetically modified organisms Genetic pollution Genetics in fiction Human enhancement Reverse transfection Transhumanism Genetic use restriction technology.

Granule bound starch synthaseneomycin phosphotransferase II. Gene therapy Genetic enhancement. Amylose is used to produce paste, adhesives, lubricants, films, building materials, synthetics and other industrial products. In Europe, approximately half of the processed starch stems from potatoes. According to its manufacturer, Amflora is a safe product, which offers a broad application spectrum and helps to safe both energy and costs since an expensive separation of the starch blend can be avoided.

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The New York Times. Amflora could not be sold within the European Union without approval, and its licence could only be issued after voting at the Council of Ministers of the European Union with a 74 percent threshold of support.

On March 2,after an approval procedure which lasted 13 years, the EU Commission authorised the cultivation of Amflora for the production of industrial starch and animal feed the GM potato was never intended for food use. After two decades of research efforts, [8] BASF’s biotechnologists using genetic engineering succeeded in creating a potato, named “Amflora”, where the gene responsible for the synthesis of amylose had been turned off, thus the potato is unable to synthesize the less desirable amylose.

Retrieved 26 February Wikimedia Commons has media related to Amflora. It also contains an antibiotic resistance gene as marker. Potato smflora Creamer potato Fingerling potato Russet potato.

Potafo its verdict, the General Court complained that the EU Commission failed to submit the latest EFSA statement to the responsible committees before authorising the cultivation of Amflora. Although the voting was by secret ballotThe New York Times reported that Amflora was supported by the agricultural ministers of Germany and Belgiumand was opposed by the agricultural ministers of ItalyIrelandand Austriawhile the agricultural ministers of France and Bulgaria abstained from voting.

EU authorized BASF’s Starch-potato

From A to Z: Gene knockout Gene knockdown Gene targeting. By allowing the cultivation of the genetically modified potato, the European Union now approved the planting of a biotechnology crop for the first time in more than a decade. According to the EC, it will optimise the production process and allow savings on raw materials, energy, water and oil-based chemicals. These decisions are not about science but about politics”. Retrieved from ” https: BASF, qmflora company which sought authorisation, is planning to plant several hundred hectares of this potato in Germany, the Czech Republic, Sweden and the Netherlands.


This appears to be the first time that another EU authority was asked to provide additional assessments.

Amflora – Wikipedia

Due to lack of acceptance of GM crops in Europe, BASF Plant Science decided in January to stop its commercialization activities in Europe and would no longer sell Amflora there, but it would continue seeking regulatory approval for its products in the Americas and Asia. Research with Human Embryonic Stem Cells. However, the European Food Safety Authorities GMO panel deemed that kanamycin-resistance could be neglected with respect to human health threats, as it was already widely spread in the environment and in humans.

The genetically modified Amflora potato For industrial pogato this has the advantage that the starch fractions don’t need to be separated in the production process.

Roundup ready soybean Vistive Gold. A gene was added to Amflora, which renders the plants resistant against the antibiotics kanamycin and neomycin. Amflora potatoes would be processed and sold as amfllora to industries that prefer waxy potato starch with only amylopectin. This is necessary in order to separate the successfully genetically modified seedlings from potatk which do not bear the amrlora modification.

Nevertheless, in a second assessment the GMO panel together with the Biohazard panel came to the conclusion that they still saw no reasons for concern. Two committees consisting of representatives of the Member States support the EU Commission in making its decisions.