The Book That Inspired the Film The Imitation Game – Updated Edition Keira Knightley, Alan Turing: The Enigma is a gripping story of mathematics, computers . It is only a slight exaggeration to say that the British mathematician Alan Turing ( ) saved the Allies from the Nazis, invented the. Alan Turing: The Enigma, biography of Alan Turing () by Andrew The Turing Centenary editions which appeared in are still available.

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Also, cwntenary was written and published in Great Britain. And we discuss the possibility that a basic undergraduate research paper could be composed by a computer today, and I think the answer is Yes. I say this despite the evidence that homophob I found Alan Turing the enigma by Andrew Hoges quite interesting and maddening.

Alan had proved that there was no “miraculous machine” that could solve all mathematical problems, but in the process he had discovered something almost equally miraculous, the idea of enigka universal machine that could take over the work of any machine.

There are enough letters from Turing’s own writings and sources quoted in the book that speak centeenary the contrary. The author deserves a lot of credit for the research, but I found that for the person not versed in mathematics and physics, like myself, much of it lacked readability.

Turing, himself, was an enigma and with a brilliant,fascinating mind. I shall return to this later.

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Some earlier reviews This book is a first-rate presentation of the life of a first-rate scientific mind The complete book enima on sale as a hour audio from Audible. Feb 15, Gavin Leech rated it really liked it Shelves: I have run three marathons.


Enabled Amazon Best Sellers Rank: The second reason this is a difficult book to read relates to another fundamental difference between me and Alan Turing. I shall read on with pleasure and curiosity. As to his death, well, there enibma always been two schools of thought about what really happened.

I chose more mathematics subjects in my science degree than the norm, so I have some sense of what is going on in these passages. There is also a large section focused upon the laws concerning ‘perversion’ at the time, which Turing was convicted for.

Alan Turing: The Enigma

Alan had been delighted at having, neigma it were, deciphered the fault in the mechanism, which meant that he saved himself weeks of waiting for repairs, at a time when the bicycle had again become what it was when invented — the means of freedom.

Alxn by a mathematician, it describes in plain language Turing’s work on the foundations of computer science and how he broke the Germans’ Enigma code in the Second World War. See all reviews.

See all 5 questions about Alan Turing….

He was prosecuted as a sex criminal and dosed with hormones that made him grow breasts. Great book, but be prepared for some headaches.

Alan Turing: The Enigma – Wikipedia

His life and times were fascinating but the math!!!! Hodges adopts three approaches to his biography. But there is a lot more in here than what you would bargain for. Andrew Hodges’ book “Alan Turing: Published March 1st by Walker Books first published There are many things I wish I could write, but realise I never will: It is quite a difficult book to categorise, and it is by no means a straightforward biography, nor a critique of Turing’s work.


I feel that some digressions into the politics at his boarding school, for example, weren’t worth diving into to explain the effect it had on his presence there.

Turing’s thought experiments were being translated into actual electronic machinery— the Bombe belowand the Colossus. His suicide in remains one of the many enigmas in an astonishing life story. I have resigned myself to the fact that for me, technical stuff has to be presented in a visual form.

Well, this author gave me the strong impression that Turing could have had Asperger’s. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. And Turing died because his zlan as a homosexual was incompatible with cold-war ideas of security, implemented with machines and remorseless logic: The intricate mathematical details place Like many, I purchased this because I very much enjoyed ‘The Imitation Game’; it then sat upon my TBR shelf for well over a year.

The other basis for Turing’s well-deserved fame is that he was the principle designer of the “Blechley Bombe”, aided by many others, which centemary broke the Enigma code of the Luftwaffe, which gave such an edge to the RAF in the Battle of Briton it might be said to have been critical to the outcome of World War II.

Copeland estimates that breaking U-boat Enigma eniyma 14 million livesa large fraction of which we can lay at Turing’s feet.