The Ahiman Rezon Pennsylvania Grand Lodge AHIMAN REZON or. BOOK OF THE CONSTITUTION of. THE RIGHT WORSHIPFUL GRAND LODGE of the. Most Ancient And honorAble frAternity of free And. AHIMAN REZON or The Book of Constitutions of the Antient Grand Lodge of England by Laurence DERMOTT.

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The first edition drew heavily on the Books of Constitutions written for the Moderns Grand Lodge by James Anderson but later editions contained more original material and were much more critical of the Moderns so the book is also the story of the rivalry between the two.

When Men of Quality, Eminence, Wealth, and Learning, apply to be made, they are respectfully accepted, after due Examination; for such often prove good Lords or Founders of Work, and will not employ Cowans when true Masons can be had; they also make the best Officers of Lodges, and the best Designers, to the Honour and Strength of the Lodge; nay, from among them the Fraternity can have a Noble Grand Master; but those Brethren are equally subject to the Charges and Regulations, except in what more immediately concerns Operative Masons.

Alexander having received divers Letters of great Importance from his Mother, after he had read ahoman, in the Presence of none but his dear Friend and himself, he drew forth his Signet which sealed his most private Letters and without speaking set it upon Ephestion’s Lips; intimating thereby, that he in whose [B 2- 3] Bosom a Man buries his Secrets, should have his Lips locked up from revealing them.

Of old, Kings, Princes and states encouraged the Fraternity for the Loyalty whoever flourished ahimqn in Times of Peace; but though a Brother is not to be countenanced in his Rebellion against the state, yet, if he is convicted of no other Crime, his Relation to the Lodge remains indefeasible. But if the Master refuse to direct such Summons’s either of the Wardens may do it; and if the Master neglects to attend on the Day fixed, the Warden may preside in determining the Affair, in the Manner prescribed but they shall not, in the Master’s Absence, enter upon any rezno Cause but what [61] is particularly mentioned in the same Summons.

I could mention many other Circumstances of the Excellency of Secrecy; and I dare venture to say that the greatest [9-C] Honour, Justice, Truth, and Fidelity, has been always found amongst those who could keep their own and others Secrets; and this is most nobly set forth by Horace, who says: My Son, if thou wilt thou shalt be taught, and if thou wilt apply thy Mind thou shalt be witty; if thou love to hear thou shalt receive Doctrine ; and if thou delight in hearing thou shalt be wise; And although your History of Masonry is not worth Notice, yet you may write many other Things of great Service to the Fraternity.

By this Time I imagined myself superior to Josephus, Stackhouse, or any other Historian whom the Reader shall please to think on. WHETHER such an Opinion be true, or false, it matters nought to me; for the World must allow, that tho’ no Man has yet found out the perpetual Motion all Men ever had, has now, and ever will have, a perpetual Notion; And furthermore, we read that the following Person, so much fam’d in History, were not only poor Men, but many of them of a very mean Extraction.

IN the State, a Mason, is to behave as a peaceable and dutiful Subject, conforming cheerfully to the Government under which he lives.

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But by Virtue of his Office, as Treasurer, without any other Qualification, he shall not vote in choosing a new Grand-Master and Grand-Wardens, tho’ in every other Transaction. John’s Day happens on a Sunday, then the public Meeting shall be the next Monday. Another Prayer, and that which is most general at Making or Opening MOST holy and glorious Lord God, thou great Architect of Heaven and Earth, who art the Giver of all good Gifts and Graces, and hast promised that where two or three are gathered together in thy Name, thou wilt be in the Midst of them; In thy name we assemble and meet together, most humbly beseeching thee to bless us in all our Undertakings, that ahimaan may abiman and serve thee aright, that all our Doings may tend to thy Glory and the Salvation of our Rrzon.


About this Time it happened that the Senators sat in Consultation of a very important Cause, so that they stayed much longer than usual, and the Conclusion referred to the following Day, with express Charge of Secrecy in the mean Time. These Traders, though but few in Number associate together, and for any mean Consideration admit any Person to what little they know of the Craft. This site uses cookies. After this Aaron placed himself at the Right-Hand of Moses, and Eleazar and Ithamar the Sons of Aaron were admitted, to whom Moses repeated what he had just before told to Aaron; These being seated, the one on the Right- Hand, the other on the Left-Hand of Moses, the seventy Elders of Israel, who composed the Sanhedrim, came in, and Moses declared again the same Laws to them, with the interpretations of them, as he had done before to Aaron and his Sons.

All Masons shall meekly receive their Wages without murmuring or Mutiny, and not desert the [30] Master till the Lord’s Work is finished; they must avoid ill Language, calling each other Brother or Fellow with much courtesy, both within and without the Lodge; they shall instruct a younger Brother to become bright and expert, that the Lord’s Materials may not be spoiled.

And all Times let thy Garments be White. Masters or Wardens of particular Lodges, shall never attend the Grand Lodge without their Jewels, except upon giving good and sufficient Reasons.

Exhibition – Ahiman Rezon: The Legacy of Laurence Dermott

Laurence Dermott, Ahiman Rezon retrieved 29 July THOSE whom I aim at, are the miserable Wretches of Low-Life, often introduced by excluded Men 1 [20] some of whom can neither read nor write; and when by the Assistance of Masonry they admitted to the Company of their Betters, they too often act beyond their Capacities; and under the Pretence of searching for Knowledge, they fall into Scenes of Gluttony or Drunkeness, and thereby neglect their necessary Occupation and injure their poor Families, who imagine they have a just Cause to pour out all their Exclamations and Invectives against the whole Body of Free-Masonry, without considering or knowing that our Constitutions and Principles are quite opposite to such base Proceedings.

And whoever will peruse sacred and profane History, shall find a great Number of virtuous Attempts in Peace and War that never reached their designed Ends, but were shaken into Shivers and defeated, only through Defect of secret Concealment; and yet, besides such unhappy Prevention, infinite Evils have thereby ensued. THE Benefits arising from a strict Observance of the Principles of the Craft, are so apparent that I must believe every good Man would be fond to possess and practice the same; because those Principles tend to promote the Happiness of Life, as they are founded on the Basis of Wisdom and Virtue.

THE first Thing that Pythagoras taught his Scholars was to be silent, therefore for a certain Time he kept them without speaking, to the End that they might the better learn to preserve the valuable Secrets he had to communicate to them, and never to speak but when Time required, expressing thereby that Secrecy was the rarest Virtue; Would to God that the Masters of our present Lodges would put the same in Practice.

NOR should we forget the faithful Anaxarchus as related by Pliny, in his seventh Book and twenty-third Chapter who was taken in order to force his Secrets from him, bit his Tongue in the Midst between his Teeth, and afterwards threw it in the Tyrant’s Face. Free and Accepted Masons have ever been charged, to avoid all Manner of slandering and backbiting of true and faithful Brethren, or talking disrespectfully of a Brother’s Performance or Person, and all Malice or unjust Resentment; nay, you must not suffer any others to reproach an honest Brother, but defend his Character as far is consistent with Honour, Safety and Prudence; though no farther.

NEXT, the members of this new Lodge, bowing altogether to the Grand-Master, shall return his Worship their Thanks according to the Custom of Masters and shall immediately do Homage to their new Master, and as faithful Craftsmen signify their Promise of Subjection and Obedience to him by usual Congratulations. The first edition of the Ahiman Rezon was published ina second one in A MASON is a Lover of Quiet; is always subject to the civil Powers, provided they do not infringe upon the limited Bounds of Religion and Reason; And it was never yet known, that a real Craftsman was concerned in any dark Plot, Designs, or Contrivances against the State, because the Welfare of the Nation is his peculiar Care; so that from the highest to the lowest Step of Magistracy due regard and Deference is paid by him.


WE read that Cato the Censor often said to his Friends, that of three Things he had good Reason to repent, if ever he neglected the true Performance of all or any one of them; The first, if he divulged any Secret; the second, if he adventured on the Water when he might stay on dry Land; and thirdly, if he should let any Day neglectedly escape him without doing some good Action. THE next Thing to be considered is the Choice of Officers to rule and govern the Lodge, according to the ancient and wholesome Laws of our Constitution; and this is a Matter of great Concern, for the Officers of a Lodge are not only bound to advance and promote the Welfare of their own particular Lodge, but also whatsoever may tend to the Good of the Fraternity in general.

And as it is an organized Body of Men who have passed the Chair, and given undeniable Proofs of their Skill in Architecture, it cannot be treated with too much Reverence; and more especially since the Characters of the present Members of that particular [H] Lodge are untainted and their Behaviour judicious and unexceptionable; So that there cannot be the least Hinge to hang a Doubt on, but that they are most excellent Masons.

Men of Honour and Honesty, by whatever Names, Religions, or Persuasions they may be distinguished; for they all agree in the three great Articles of Noah, enough to preserve the Cement of the Lodge.

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Those were the only Men that have wrote most and best upon that Subject, and yet all their Works together would not be sufficient for a Preface to the History of Masonry; but for your further Instruction, you shall hear an eminent Brother who can inform you in every Particular that is necessary to your present Undertaking.

HE is not to neglect his own necessary Avocations 1 for the Sake of Masonry, nor to involve himself in Quarrels with those who through Ignorance may speak Evil of or ridicule ahiiman.

Every Brother should belong to some particular Lodge, and cannot be absent without incurring Censure, if not necessarily detained. Nor are the rest of Mankind less acquainted with your lordship’s Affability, Generosity, Benevolence and Charity.

But if a Brother should be so far unhappy as to rebel against the State, he would meet [16] with no Countenance from his Abiman nor would they keep any private Converse with him, agiman the Government might have Cause to be jealous, or take the least Umbrage.

THE Mother hearing his, and his seeming unwilling to reveal it, took it for the infallible Truth; Her Blood was quickly fired, and Rage ensured, I need not put the Reader in mind that such sudden Heats seldom admit of Consideration; but on the contrary hurry the Senses and Faculties further to Rashness, and other Follies; by which they are rendered incapable of doing themselves such good Actions, or Services, as their Case often require; So without requiring any other Counsel, she immediately sent to the other Ladies and Matrons of Rome, to acquaint them with this weighty Affair; wherein the Peace and Welfare of their whole Loves was so nearly concerned.